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Pieces to wish for this Christmas

Do you dream of a bright and sparkling Christmas? What better sets the mood than a piece of jewellery that shines of silver, gold, and precious stones. We have gathered our Christmas gift favourites in both silver and gold that we think will be on many wishlists.

Seasonal favourites

Find inspiration from a selection of the hottest pieces of jewellery from Efva Attling right now. Among our seasonal favourites, you will find oldies that are still goodies, as well as newcomers that are ready to steal the spotlight – pieces that remain favourites, regardless of trends.

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Cuffs – a classic bracelet coming back in style

An old favourite that’s having a comeback moment is the cuff bracelet. Preferably in silver or gold and even more so if decorated with precious stones. Let us dive into the history of the cuff bracelet.

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Top 10 Pieces with Strong Messages

Attling jewellery is not just any piece of jewellery, they hold different kinds of messages and becomes a strengthening companion in many people’s everyday life. Here we have collected our top 10 jewellery with strong messages – timeless pieces to carry with you for life.

Ring Trends 2022

Statement, precious gemstones, and mixed metals are the ring trends that are standing strong in 2022 – we show you the rings from Efva Attling to invest in this year.

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Earrings we love

Maximalism is the trend of the season. We look forward to wearing all our favourites, preferably at the same time. Below we share three styling tips on how to decorate your ears to the fullest.

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The necklaces to invest in this summer

This season we see several exciting jewellery trends and there is something for everyone. Allow yourself to be bedazzled by pearls, become enslaved by chains, and flirt with the turn of the millennium.

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