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At Efva Attling Stockholm you will find engagement rings in silver and engagement rings in 18k gold or white gold, with or without diamonds. An engagement ring is a piece of jewellery that will symbolize your love. Therefore, it is important that you find the right style and a model that reflects your personality. Whether it is a solitaire ring, an alliance ring, a half-alliance ring, or a plain ring only you will know. We offer many unique engagement rings to choose from for both men and women.

Efva Attling has been designing wedding and engagement rings since the start more than 25 years ago. In an otherwise traditional industry, Efva tries to find the unique, both in shape and message. The rings are exclusive and of the highest quality, regardless of whether it is 18k gold, 18k white gold or 925 sterling silver. All diamonds used are completely conflict-free and diamonds over 0.5k are GIA certified.

Regardless of what kind of rings you want for your engagement, you will hopefully find them among our popular models. We have several different materials in our assortment as well as rings in different styles and designs. Perhaps you will find the right one among our smooth red gold rings, or is a solitaire ring in white gold with a diamond the right way to go? If you choose an engagement ring from Efva Attling we will be happy to help you find a suitable wedding ring, we have several different models that work well together as a set.

There can be a lot to think about before choosing an engagement ring, such as the ring size, for example. Use our size guide to find out which size fits you. Remember to measure the finger of the hand on which the ring will be worn. This can vary between different cultures and countries, but is of course also down to personal preference.

If you want your proposal to be a surprise but are not sure which engagement ring your partner dreams of, there is the option of renting a ring for 14 days. Choose a model from our Say Yes rings – they are made in silver with diamond imitations instead of real stones. Use the rental ring from Efva Attling Stockholm when you propose and then choose the real ring together with your partner.


Karat, K, is a unit for the minimum guaranteed purity of a gold alloy. Karats are measured per 24th part, which means that 1 karat of the weight of the amount of gold in the alloy is the same as 1/24 of the total weight. 18k gold, which is common in gold jewellery, means that the piece’s gold content is 18/24 of the total (or 75% gold). In practice, this means that rings in 18k gold have a high gold content but still of sufficient hardness. 24k gold counts as 100% gold but is often considered too soft to be used as jewellery and is mostly used in gold bars and gold leaf. All gold jewellery from Efva Attling is made of 18k gold.


The most classic diamond cut is the brilliant cut, which produces a stone that is round on the top and ends in a sharp point at the bottom. When weddings are celebrated among celebrities and royalty, it is often a beautiful solitaire ring with a large brilliant-cut diamond that is put on display.

In the past, it was most common for engagement rings to be plain without stones, but that tradition has loosened up in recent years. These days we also see many other styles being worn as engagement rings, such as solitaire rings and full and half alliance rings adorned with precious stones. The most common stone is the classic diamond.

Many choose plain rings or a ring with a gemstone for their engagement and then complete the set with an alliance ring for the wedding. However, there are no rules and Efvas design allows you to explore and choose from many different options. A diamond can look many ways, it can be brilliant cut or princess cut, it can be round or angular. Diamonds work just as well with red as they do with white gold. Explore our range of diamond rings, we have several popular models to choose from. We help you find the stone and model that suits you.

Efva's entire creative universe is characterized by love, passion and positive messages, and her designs are characterized by their uniquely modern expression. Here you can choose a ring that is your own.


When it comes to materials, we offer rings in metals usually referred to as the noble metals. Noble metals such as gold and silver are durable material for everyday use because they do not react so easily with their surroundings. These materials also have a beautiful color and popular gloss. However, these metals are a finite resource, and the mining of the ore can cause damage to people as well as the environment. That is why we use recycled metals in our jewellery, only a few suppliers add a small percentage of freshly mined metal to their products. We believe this is a small price to pay for taking care of the earth.

All diamond suppliers Efva Attling Stockholm works with are connected to the Kimberly process, which means that our diamonds are conflict-free. The Kimberley Process is a certification system that brings together civil society, government and industry to disrupt the market for blood and conflict diamonds. We follow the Resonible Jewelery Council’s guidelines for the entire supply chain for gold, silver and platinum group metals, precious stones and diamonds. In this way, you know that your diamond was not produced at someone else's expense.


An engagement ring is more than an accessory, it's something you will wear your entire life. That's why it is important to take care of your rings in 18k gold and 925 sterling silver. Although gold and other metals are durable materials, the rings can still be scratched and damaged. Take off your ring when you do weight training, for example, and store it in its box when you are not using it.

It is also possible to hand in your rings in 18k gold and silver to one of our stores for polishing. Then you can also take the opportunity to check the diamond settings of the rings.


If you want, you can book a private viewing of our engagement rings and make the choice of rings for your engagement a romantic activity. Contact one of our stores, and together you can book an appointment that suits you. Under professional guidance, you can in your own pace try on our products to find the rings that feel right for you before you proceed with your purchase.

If you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, you are most welcome to contact our Customer care. They help you explore the rings in our range and can answer questions regarding delivery, prices, size and care. If you need help complementing the rings with other jewellery such as a necklace or earrings, Customer care is available to help there as well.