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What is power to you? A power look can mean different things for different people, and you probably have a few favourites you return to over and over again. We spoke to Efva about some of her best power looks; from weekday statements to weekend glam.
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How we dress can affect how we feel and help us signal confidence and power. For Efva, clothes are a way to show “here I am”. Expressing yourself with a garment or an accessory is a tool everyone can use, for the outgoing as well as the shy. Jewellery, for example, can become a ”conversation piece” and help you express yourself.

Efva: “For me, clothes are a bit like being a peacock”
“Being a little bit vain can help you take care of yourself, it is great to be able to dress in something you feel good in. A fair dose of vanity can help us feel better if we are feeling blue and be a shot of extra confidence when needed,” Efva explains. “For me, dressing is a bit like being a peacock. I have always been interested in fashion, ever since I was a child, and being able to inspire others is something that gives me so much joy.”

Statement Chic

Red lips and a statement piece; this is Efva's best trick for tackling the weekday. With a few well-thought-out details, she lifts her everyday outfits into something really special. Here, Efva has matched a pullover and beret with the “Feminine” earring, marked glasses, and red lipstick. The style immediately makes you think of French influences.

“In my line of work, I meet such exciting and fashionable women and we inspire each other, ” says Efva.

“My wardrobe is like a library, and I love diving into different genres and my colleagues inspire me to always find new combinations. I mix high and low, old and new, budget with couture.”

Daring to play with accessories such as glasses, jewellery and hats is something we can learn from Efva. It will be such a cool outfit that feels both urban and continental.

Feminists Take No Shit
Power is found not only in the grand but also in the simple. Like a t-shirt with a strong message, for example. With a few tweaks, an initially simple outfit can be elevated to new heights. Like here, where Efva chooses to match her “Feminists take no shit” t-shirt with a pilot's hat and “Catch a falling star ear”. The star motif recurs both in the hat and in the jewellery, and in this way the common thread is maintained.

“When it is such a strong message, it can usually stand on its own,” says Efva. “It is all about balance, the same way you put on make-up – or mix sweet with salt. When I go for red lips I tone down the eyes, and vice versa. A strong message goes a long way.”

Women Power/A lady at the boys' club
How do you fit in among the male board members? Well, you choose not to fit in, you stand out. Caroline Roosmark's photography of Efva for the calendar “Fantastiska kvinnor 2021” absolutely radiates power – the iconic little black dress, a tight hairdo and jewellery that stands out. “We wanted to showcase female strength; the red lips, the high heels,” says Efva. “But there is also a vulnerability in the naked and undressed.” The image combines the feminine and the masculine, the strong and the vulnerable – one cannot exist without the other and by playing with that balance you can create something completely unique. A trick to use also in our personal wardrobe.

A fair dose of vanity can help us feel better if we are feeling blue and be a shot of extra confidence when needed. Efva Attling

Barbie Regalia
Since Barbie was launched in the spring of 1959, the popular doll has established itself as a shining star both in the playroom and on the fashion scene. Not least in recent years, with the long-awaited Barbie feature film having made the term “Barbiecore” a popular aesthetic. One of our favorite looks from last year is Efva's pink dream dress. Efva, who moves seamlessly between feminine and masculine, rocked a shock pink creation during the Swedish Elle Gala 2022 that caught everyone's eye. As for accessories, she wore luxurious cuffs in gold with diamonds and glittering “A clear dream splash” in her left ear. During last year's gala season, Efva delivered several fantastic party pieces but this one is a favorite, where she shows that power does not have to equal masculinity.

Find your power look
In the end, you know your own power looks. Maybe it is a cocky statement necklace that stands on its own, maybe it is the jacket that makes you stand a little bit taller or the favourite dress that fits perfectly. Do you need help on the way? Do like Efva and let yourself be inspired by your surroundings and do not stop exploring and playing with different combinations.

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