Welcome to a wedding consultation

Efva Attling Stockholm offers complimentary wedding consultations at all our concept stores. Our experienced jewellery advisors guide you through our ring assortment and answer all your questions and concerns.
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Are you and your partner looking for engagement rings, wedding rings, or perfect ring combinations? Welcome to our concept stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, and Helsinki, where we offer complimentary wedding consultations. Together with one of our experienced jewellery advisors, you will explore our collection of wedding rings in recycled Swedish yellow gold, white gold, and silver.

A lifelong decision
There is much to consider when choosing wedding rings, such as which rings work together as they may have different band heights. That is why our jewellery advisors are here to provide both inspiration and guidance in your choices. Whether you have questions about our materials, diamonds, or the pros and cons of different ring types, we will assist you with all your questions.

Advice on ring size
You may already have an idea of your size, but your size can vary between the left and right hand and may change depending on the thickness of the ring.

Are you curious about finding your ring size now? Use our size guide for rings – otherwise, we will gladly assist you during the consultation.

How to book an appointment
The consultation takes about an hour, and you can choose to view available times and book a consultation through our digital booking system or by calling your nearest concept store. Contact your concept store if you want to book a different time than the available ones.

Rent a ring to your proposal

To choose an engagement ring is a big decision with a lot to think about – and we can help you all the way. You can rent a ring at Efva Attling Stockholm for 30 days to propose with. This way you can feel that size, colour, and shape is just right.

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