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A creative hub online with collaborations within fashion, art, furniture, t-shirts and special guest designers for jewellery. More playful, cockier and a little rougher. Stay tuned.

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Thåström x the HÖGDALEN

“To be able to collaborate with Thåström is a dream come true for me. He is the optimal choice. We have bumped into each other over the years and when I met him at a concert in Stockholm a while back we started talking and had so much fun together. Then the idea of this started growing.”- EFVA ATTLING

Design by Jocke Berg

Three years ago, Jocke Berg launched his first jewellery collection for the HÖGDALEN, and now he is back with the new collection “WORK” which focuses on those who may not be used to wearing jewellery.


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“It’s not people. It’s not the magnificence of nature or creative human building structures that speaks to me. It’s always just the light. How it falls. How it can lift up the most inconspicuous to something wonderfully beautiful.”- EVA DAHLGREN

Art By Emma Altafulla

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T-shirts & Hoodies

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Ditch by Jonas Åkerlund

“Humor is one of the reasons why I chose Jonas. This collection is Jonas’ way of expressing himself, his lifestyle, and it’s not my business to censor it. The HÖGDALEN is a place where I take a step back and give room for people I'm interested in.”- EFVA ATTLING

The story behind the HÖGDALEN

In September 2019, we launched a new online hub with exciting creators and unexpected collaborations. Take part of the exclusive story behind Efva’s creative sub-brand the HÖGDALEN.