Eternity rings


The eternity ring is a symbol of eternal love, with stones tightly set around the band. We have both classic half and full eternity rings as well as eternity rings with thoughtful and unique expressions. Wear your engagement ring alone or as a complement to another ring.

At Efva Attling Stockholm, you can choose between eternity rings in 18k red gold or white gold, with clear diamonds or black diamonds. On full eternity rings, the diamonds are closely set around the entire band. Half eternity, on the other hand, only have diamonds around half of the band and can sometimes be perceived as a little more practical if you use your hands in your daily work. The size of the half eternity is a little easier to adjust than a full eternity ring, which is why it is sometimes preferred as a wedding ring.

Many favors an eternity ring as an engagement ring or wedding ring. Choose a thin eternity ring or maybe a slightly wider one. Today, it is popular to get engaged with rings featuring larger stones, commonly known as solitaire rings or single-stone rings. A popular choice is then to match with an eternity ring, which becomes a nice complement at the wedding. Or why not combine two-eternity rings?

Despite the name, an eternity ring in 18k gold does not have to be associated with marriage or engagement. An eternity ring can also be a well-deserved gift for yourself or someone you care about and can be worn on whatever finger you prefer. Among Efva Attling's range of rings in 18k gold, there are several different models to choose from.

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We are happy to help you all the way. Set up an appointment for a ring consultation together with our jewellery advisors to find your engagement rings. They will be happy to show you our entire range under professional guidance in a peaceful environment. Big or small diamonds in different shapes, which rings symbolize your love? The booking can be made at your nearest concept store.

An eternity ring is also a beautiful morning gift. The “You & Me Too” ring, for example, is elegant to wear alone or in combination with “You & Me Ring” and “You & Me Threesome”, as a bridal set.

Is it time to celebrate a golden wedding anniversary? Then you know your love is eternal. Jewellery is a popular gift to give on your wedding day, why not choose a half or full eternity ring? Our various models with diamonds are appreciated gifts, such as the “Million stars ring”.


At Efva Attling, we make our eternity rings in 18k gold. Both red and white gold are popular choices for wedding rings and work just as well for a full eternity ring as for a half eternity.

Red gold is the more common variant in Sweden and the Nordics and is similar to what other parts of the world call “yellow gold”. It is slightly warmer in tone than pure gold and consists of fine gold, copper and silver. Pure gold in 24k is too soft and cannot be used to create durable jewellery, therefore we only use 18k gold. Red gold is a classic, timeless choice.

You can also choose an eternity ring in 18k white gold, which has a little colder feel than red gold. 18k white gold consists of an alloy of fine gold and the rare metal palladium, which is a platinum metal. Our white gold rings are always treated with Rhodium, a metal that gives the ring a whiter and more shiny surface. Many prefer white gold for their engagement ring, as the silvery surface brings out the shimmer of diamonds.


Classic eternity rings usually consist of 18k white or red gold with clear diamond set in the band. Efva Attling wants to offer, in addition to classic designs, something for you who are looking for a more non-traditional wedding ring and has therefore also designed eternity rings with black diamonds. Black diamonds are very rare, and these stones are an option for those who want to go their own way. If you are not so fond of black diamonds, the beautiful white diamonds are always a timeless choice.


Among our models you will find an eternity ring for all tastes. An appreciated full eternity ring is “4½ & stars ring”. and “4½ & black stars ring”. These full engagement rings come in both 18k red gold and white gold and are available with clear or black diamonds. Other popular choices like “Stars & signature thin ring” and “Stars & signature in black thin ring” come in 18k red gold and white gold with black or clear diamonds all the way around.

If you are looking for a classic design with a twist, the popular “Viking & stars ring” or “Half Round & Stars on side ring” can be great alternatives – rings that have an unique, individual shape. On the former, diamonds follow the turns of the ring rail, and on the other, the diamonds are placed on one side of the ring.


No matter which eternity ring you fall i n love with, you can be sure that all rings in 18k gold from Efva Attling Stockholm meet high climate and justice demands. The gold we use in our rings is recycled and our diamonds are guaranteed conflict-free.

Gold is a finite natural resource and mining damages both people and nature. That is why we use recycled metals in our jewellery.

Efva Attling Stockholm is affiliated with the Kimberley Process, which is an association that works to counter the trade of conflict diamonds, diamonds produced in African war zones and illegally exported to finance wars. This way, you can be sure that your diamonds have not been mined at someone else's expense.


An eternity ring in 18k gold is often a lifelong investment. Place your eternity ring in the included box when you are not wearing it and try to remember to take it off during strength training and heavy lifting.

Diamond rings can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush, lukewarm water and a little washing-up liquid. Dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Since a wedding or engagement ring is a piece of jewellery to wear every day for the rest of your life, it is important to take care of your wedding rings. Have the diamond settings of your engagement rings checked and the gold polished at our concept stores. That way, the rings will last forever, just like your love.


For those of you who are looking for eternity rings for your wedding but are unsure where to start can turn to our Customer care. Our jewellery advisors are happy to help you search among our various models. Here you find answers to questions about our diamonds, delivery, price and size. They can also help you find rings that go well with each other, both popular sets and if you want to match rings as a couple. You can reach our customer care via chat, e-mail and phone.