Hoop earrings EAS


Let our stylish hoops awaken your desire – they are as trendy as classic. At Efva Attling Stockholm you will find creoles in 18 karat gold, white gold, and silver with or without diamonds. Hoops is a must in the jewellery collection and a safe card to fall back on for a stylish look. Choose from minimalist small hoops with clean lines, large statement creoles with natural shapes or hoops with diamonds.

Let the simple design of the earrings speak for itself or combine them with jewellery from other collections. Get inspired by classic hoop earrings in sterling silver with Efva's signature, Million Stars Creole earrings in gold or white gold with pave set diamonds and Moonwalk Hoops, large hoops with soft and flowing structure.

Hoops are a trendy option that works both for everyday life and for parties. At Efva Attling Stockholm you will find several designs and sizes of hoop earrings in 18 karat gold, white gold, and sterling silver with or without diamonds. Our hoops are easy to match with other types of earrings – feel your way in order to find new favourites combinations.

Silver hoop earrings are a trend that is here to stay. To create a vibrant look, a trick is to match multiple hoops of different sizes next to each other. If you feel extra playful, you can also match gold and silver hoops. But in the end, it's just up to you how you want to style your hoop earrings.

Looking for a trendy gift for your friend, mom, or partner? Then a pair of hoop earrings of all sizes and styles is a safe choice that will be able to be worn for years. A pair of hoop earrings from Efva Attling is a classic choice for all ages. It is also a popular piece of jewellery among men – hoops to wear only in one ear or in both.