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Attling jewellery is not just any piece of jewellery, they hold different kinds of messages and becomes a strengthening companion in many people’s everyday life. Here we have collected our top 10 jewellery with strong messages – timeless pieces to carry with you for life.

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1. Homo sapiens necklace

The iconic necklace from 1996 has been worn by none other than Madonna and is with its message, that all people are equal, as relevant then and now – as always.

2. Take no shit

The name of the jewellery “Take no shit” reveals its message, and has since the launch in 2014 raised over two million SEK in favour of Bris. The neat silver necklace works very well together with more necklaces, and often becomes an everyday favorite you forget to take off.

3. Soulmate

With a strong message and an equally strong design, the “Soulmate ring” takes your jewellery game to the next level. The ring is a true statement piece and saves both a simple everyday outfit and adds that extra something to your evening wear.

4. Catch a falling star single necklace

One of our latest news qualifies as one of our most popular pieces with a strong message, maybe thanks to its reminder to keep wishing for everything you dream about, and that it is only you who can make your wishes come true.

5. Balls ring

One of our most popular statement pieces is the “Balls ring”, a ring that really represents power. Wear the ring alone or match it together with one of the other strong pieces of jewellery from the collection.

6. Balls double ear

If you cross trendy with eye-catching, you get “Balls double ear”. The earrings are one of the latest additions to the “Balls collection”, and one of the Swedish duo Säker stil’s personal jewellery favorites.

7. Little Feminine pendant

The pieces of jewellery in the “Feminine collection” are based on the female symbol but with a twist. Wear a glimmer of hope in the form of the “Little Feminine Pendant” around your neck and show the world that the future is female.

8. Little devil ear

The devil does not always wear Prada … Our type of devil is enriched with horns in silver or gold on top of a freshwater pearl, and is only visible if you get close enough. A playful design with a hint of humour – the Efva Attling way.

9. Friendship hoops

A pair of hoops is something everyone should have in their jewellery box, and why not invest in a pair shaped like a friendship band? Wear these silver earrings as a reminder of your precious friendships.

10. Whistle pendant

The design behind the silver pendant and whistle “Whistle pendant”mixes function with a beautiful design. This is a piece of jewellery that makes you feel safe on the way home, but also makes your outfit style proof.

Jewellery sold for a good cause

Since 2004, Efva Attling has collaborated with a number of aid organizations. During these troubled times, they are doing an important and fantastic job. Read more about the different organizations and their work during the ongoing corona crisis.

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