The necklaces to invest in this summer

This season we see several exciting jewellery trends and there is something for everyone. Allow yourself to be bedazzled by pearls, become enslaved by chains, and flirt with the turn of the millennium.
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  2. The necklaces to invest in this summer

Pearls are always appropriate

It's time to pick up a much-loved sweetheart – the pearl is the hottest accessory of the season. This season, the pearl can be styled several ways; layered and punky, timelessly elegant, or lavishly grand. As Jackie Kennedy said, “pearls are always appropriate”, and is therefore always a smart investment. You can count on this enduring classic to return in style time after time.

If you want to start experimenting with pearl necklaces, we have several exciting pieces to choose from. Ranging from the sleek “My Little Pearl Necklace” in gold to edgy “Punk & Pearls”, there is something for each and everyone’s taste.

Chains, chains, and chains
The chain necklace has been trending for a while now and its status remains high. The chain’s endless designs when it comes to colour and shape offer boundless versatility. Choose a simple chain for a refined look or combine several links of different structure and texture for a more dramatic effect. For a statement piece, go with Efva's own “Funky Chain Necklace” or combine several “Chunky Bracelets” to wear as a necklace. These large statement links will surely bring your look to the next level!

Year 2000
Few have missed that the hottest fashion right now is spelled Y2K (year 2000), meaning that we see a comeback of the first trends at turn of the millennium. The definitive indicator for the 2000s is for many the classic choker, and we can see it coming back in various shapes and forms. Among others, you will find a more modern interpretation in “Twisting choker”.

For the true Y2K feeling, we can look back to the creations which actually adorned the great celebrities at this time. Some of these have been designed by Efva herself, including the iconic “Homo Sapiens Necklace” which Madonna wore both privately and publicly in the late 90's, or the pieces from the “Rose Petals” collection from 2003 which Meryl Streep herself has donned. Style your favourite necklace with a halterneck dress or a pair of low-cut jeans, and you’re good to go.


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