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Gold chains are a versatile link that add a touch of glamor that should have an obvious place in your jewellery box. If you invest in a gold chain, you get a piece that lasts a lifetime.

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Gold Chains

Discover our range of elegant gold chains from Efva Attling Stockholm, suitable for all occasions and styles. Our meticulously crafted chains add a touch of luxury to your look, perfect for expressing your personal style. Create memorable moments with our timeless gold chains and let them become an extension of your personal style.

Whether you are seeking a subtle touch of glamour or a sleek statement piece, gold chains are the perfect choice to elevate your style. In our chain collection, you can hopefully find new favorites in both red gold and white gold. Each gold chain in our collection is made with strict attention to detail and high-quality gold. We strive to offer gold chains that are not only visually appealing but also built to last.


A chain from Efva Attling carries a thought behind it. Efva's universe goes beyond beautiful material things; her designs are enriched with powerful messages meant to provoke thoughts and lead to conversations. Choose a chain from Efva Attling with a thought.

Efva never follows a template or pattern when creating and designing; her creations stem from inspiration drawn from her own life, such as music she listens to, encounters with people, or nature.

Efva sketches her ideas and then refines her work in her atelier in Södermalm, Stockholm. Every detail up to a finished gold chain is carefully selected by Efva herself – she leaves nothing to chance. Some of our gold chains are handcrafted on demand in the atelier.


In Efva's collections overall, as well as in her chain assortment, you can see influences of various styles – both edgier statement pieces and delicate variations with softer forms. However, a pattern emerges in the messages, often revolving around love, hope, or encouragement. Which chain and message speak with you?


Whether for daily wear or a special event, a gold chain from Efva Attling is the perfect accessory to complement your attire and create memorable moments. A gold chain can be styled differently based on the occasion, always suitable for a blazer at the office or the little black dress in the evening.


A gold chain is a thoughtful gift that stands the test of time and trends. As a gold chain also pairs well with various types of outfits and occasions, it is a considerate gift for yourself or someone close.

If you need assistance finding the right gold chain or have any other questions, feel free to contact our customer care, who will guide you through your purchase.


We all have different preferences, but whether you favor classic red gold or modern white gold, we have options that can be tailored to your style and preference. We exclusively use recycled 18k red and white gold in our gold chains – a sustainable choice that endures.

Remember to always wipe your chain after use to retain its shine and place it in the provided box when not in use.


Wide, slim, or chunky? Cordell, Singapore, or Round Anchor – there are many types of chains, and these are just a few. Depending on the chain type you choose, some variations are more suitable for charms, while others work just as well worn on their own. Choose based on the style you are aiming for.

If you want to know the measurements of the chain, for instance, how wide it is, you can find that under “ABOUT THE PRODUCT” on each chain's webpage.


Be inspired by our “Ring Chain & Stars Necklace”, available in both red gold and white gold with brilliant-cut diamonds. Delicate gold chains in a classic style with a twist thanks to the diamond-set rings that create a magical pattern.

The chain can be worn in various ways due to the clasp that can be attached anywhere on the chain. This makes styling possibilities endless, making it suitable for high-necked tops as well as low-necked variations.

Choose to match your chain with the corresponding bracelet, the “Ring Chain & Stars Bracelet”, from the same collection.