What is “Beauty with a thought”?

Is it possible for a piece of jewellery to be more than just a beautiful detail? Absolutely. At Efva Attling Stockholm, you will find jewellery loaded with strong, thoughtful, unexpected, and sometimes sublte quirky messages – all in a modern Scandinavian design. We call it “Beauty with a thought”.
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Efva Attling has been designing jewellery under her own name for more than 25 years and today, Efva Attling Stockholm is one of the leading jewellery brands in the Nordics. Behind the exclusive Scandinavian design, each piece of jewellery carries a message, from pure calls for compassion to reminders to believe in oneself.

Efva Attling, who is a trained silversmith, is still the one who creates all the designs – from the smallest stud to sparkling colliers. Together with our experienced goldsmiths in our atelier in Södermalm in Stockholm, the real pieces are created from her two-dimensional sketches. Here in the studio, many of our pieces of jewellery are also made by hand, on order.

The design is a mix of a modern, Scandinavian simplicity, with equal parts of humour and seriousness combined with an edgy twist. At Efva Attling Stockholm, we truly believe that a beautiful piece of jewellery can strengthen its wearer in so many more ways than just through its design.

“I want to boost people and let the jewellery become a conversation piece,” Efva explains. “That’s why I call my design ‘Beauty with a thought’”. Among the many collections you’ll find jewellery to make a statement with, pieces to boost someone with, gifts to show your love with, precious items contributing to charity and, of course, wedding and engagement rings. Within the world of Efva Attling Stockholm, there is also a cocky little sister, in the form of the sub-brand the HÖGDALEN. But more on that a little further down.

Make a statement

A piece of jewellery can hardly change the world. But a piece of jewellery can touch, inspire, and initiate thoughts that can lead to change. One of the first pieces of jewellery designed by Efva Attling was “Homo Sapiens Necklace”. It is designed with two silver tags and a play with the Latin word for the knowing man. “I divided the words and put each half on both sides of the dog tag”, says Efva. “What I want to say is that all human beings are equal.”

Matters like equality, respect, and equal values regardless of gender, sexual orientation or background are important to Efva Attling. This becomes clearly noticeable in many of the meanings behind the different collections. “It’s a given for me to be a feminist”, Efva explaines. “With my messages, I want to spread empowering thoughts and build self-esteem, respect, love and humour.” By choosing a piece of jewellery from Efva Attling, you as an individual make a statement.

Love messages

At Efva Attling, you will find an exclusive wedding collection, with wedding and engagement rings for both her and him, in gold, white gold and silver. In an otherwise very traditional industry, Efva tries to find the unique, in both design and message. Choose between classic solitaire rings, trendy halo rings and sparkling eternity rings, but also more unique rings with black diamonds and engraved words.

Among the many collections, there are also jewellery with strong love messages – perfect to give as a gift to someone you love. The “Amor Vinicit Omnia collection" is a reminder that love conquers all, “Love knot” conveys a hope of always be together and “Soulmate” becomes a symbol for that person who can read your mind.

Boost yourself

Sometimes you may need a little extra boost. Something that reminds you that you are good as you are and capable of more than you might think. At Efva Attling Stockholm, there is a large selection of jewellery that pushes you in the right direction – both by giving you style confidence, but also with its messages.

Like the “Balls collection”, for example, with the quote “I’ve got balls” combined with the bold design the collection really becomes a reminder to stand up for yourself. Because even power women like Opera Winfrey might need an extra boost sometimes, like when she chose to wear the “Balls ring” on the cover of her own magazine, the O-Magazine.

For a good cause

When the tsunami disaster in Asia occured in 2004, Efva Attling began her first collaboration with an aid organization, the Swedish Red Cross. Efva designed a collection called “Angels”, where part of the proceed goes to the important work of the organization.

Today, the list of collaborations is long. The latest is both the collection “Not for sale” for UNICEF Sweden, and “Save the Earth”, where part of the proceed goes to WWF Sweden's work. For us at Efva Attling Stockholm, it is not about charity, we see it as our responsibility.


The HÖGDALEN is a creative online hub with exciting collaborations within art, furniture, accessories, posters, and selected guest designers for jewellery. Here, everything is allowed to be more playful, cockier and a little rougher.

Since its launch in 2019, many exciting new design collaborations have been released. First in line was Jocke Berg, known from the Swedish rock group KENT, with his acclaimed silver collection. The following years, the success continued with equally beloved collections signed by Swedish musician Thåström, and world-famous director Jonas Åkerlund. Stay tuned, there are very exciting things to come.

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