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We have exclusive, sleek, and classic collier necklaces in gold and silver designed by one of Sweden's most reputable designers, Efva Attling.

A collier is a short or long necklace. The word “collier”, from the French ‘around the neck’ or ‘collar’, is often used to describe more exclusive or ornate necklaces. A collier can be both simpler with single-row stones or pearls, but it can also be a bolder statement necklace.


Efva Attling's collier necklace is characterized by modern elegance with an edgy twist, or as she herself sums it up; “Beauty with a thought”. Humor, seriousness, and love can be found here. With her design, Efva wants to touch and inspire her fellow humans. Efva's love for words and music shines through, and each collection has its own clear message, not least of which is her colliers. Choose from more discreet silver necklaces or large statement necklaces in gold, crystals, and diamonds – regardless of choice, you can be sure that a collier necklace from Efva Attling comes with a thought behind it and carries a strong message.


There are no rules when it comes to wearing a collier, but if you need guidance there are some tried and true tricks to use. Feel free to wear a garment with a low cut so that your collier lies directly on the skin, in this way, the necklace will come into its own the most. The collier is also just as nice with a high-cut shirt, such as a polo shirt for example.

For a more festive styling, you can wear your collier over a black dress, for example. Let your statement collier take center stage by adding a pair of modest studs or create a maximalist impression by choosing larger earrings and rings to match your necklace.


Our colliers are made from recycled materials. Recycling and reusing gold is one of the most energy-efficient measures to limit the industry's impact on the environment, compared to using Fairtrade gold. All our jewellery suppliers use recycled gold and silver, only a few add a small percentage of freshly mined metal to the production.

It is almost impossible as a single company to trace the diamonds in a collier necklace all the way from mine to finished piece of jewellery. Therefore, in 2000, the Kimberley Process was founded, which is a certification system that unites civil society, authorities and industry with the aim of making the market and flow of so-called conflict diamonds more difficult.

Conflict diamonds, or “blood and war diamonds”, as they are also called, are rough diamonds that are mainly produced in African war zones and exported illegally to finance wars and rebels.

All diamond suppliers that we at Efva Attling Stockholm work with are affiliated with the Kimberly process, which means that all diamonds in our colliers are conflict-free.


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