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Chain necklaces continue to be the hottest accessory of the season and are here to stay. The chain's potential is endless – it can be worn as a single statement or layered as a stack. Let us inspire you with ways of styling it.
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Precious staples
Working with layering is not only applicable to your wardrobe but is just as useful for the pieces in your jewellery box. By combining several necklaces, you create an expression that is completely your own. Personalize your styling by choosing necklaces that mean something extra to you, jewellery with important messages or meaningful charms.

A guideline for a successful necklace styling is to use links of different lengths and textures. In this way, depth is created while all your pieces get their time to shine. A popular choice is to combine a chain necklace with a pendant, a styling that feels balanced and just right. But there are no limitations, dare to try new combinations– maybe you will find an unexpected favourite?

Double up
Are not rules meant to be broken anyway? Our latest obsession is to combine two identical chains of different lengths. Anyone who has kept their eyes open may have seen Efva wearing two silver chains around her neck, more specifically “Chain necklace”. Our “Chain” collection with its luster and works with everything, from the everyday shirt to formal wear and evening dresses. If you want more variety, invest in “Ring chain”, which is a necklace that can be styled in many ways.

Get Chunky
While we love thin chains, sometimes bigger is simply better. Skip the layers and let a single large variant take the spotlight. A heavier chunky chain works as a statement piece and is your perfect shortcut to a stylish look. For those of you who are in a hurry in the morning, it does not take much time to add a necklace and by choosing a larger model you get more bang for the buck. We like to wear our chain necklaces with a crisp white button-up or an oversize t-shirt, these can never go wrong. Statement chains we love include the collections “Chunky” and “Funky chain.


Earrings we love

Maximalism is the trend of the season. We look forward to wearing all our favourites, preferably at the same time. Below we share three styling tips on how to decorate your ears to the fullest.

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