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Maximalism is the trend of the season. We look forward to wearing all our favourites, preferably at the same time. Below we share three styling tips on how to decorate your ears to the fullest.
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Big and Bold
This year it’s big and beautiful. Choose your most massive statement earrings and let them interact with each other – in fact, make sure to show them all. The collection “Nature's unique” is generous with variety thanks to its charm in sterling silver with a baroque pearl. Combine with other charms or, if you want to go even bigger, with “Nature's unique Earrings”. Another bold, or ballsy, move to go for is “Balls long earrings, from a collection that “got balls”, to say the least.

Stack and Style
Stacking earrings gives you more opportunities to show off all your favourites at once. Invest in several different hoops as a start, here you can easily play with both colour and shape. Finish it off with a cocky stud. Vary with different combinations for each ear, for additional edge.

Not sure how to combine your jewellery? A simple trick is to start with the largest at the bottom, for example this spring's new “Soulmate hoops”, and then gradually work your way up with smaller earrings. This way you get a beautifully balanced cascading effect.

Colour me Crazy
Summer is approaching and more than ever we long for colour. Why not match the seasonal shades of cherry blossom and lilac with jewellery from our “Dream collection”? Our “A Purple Dream earring” goes beautifully with the “Dream Collier necklace” and this year's first sundress, or as a stylish accessory for your monochrome look. When the evening comes, you combine the party dress with “Dream flash earrings” for a colorful evening outfit that will attract everyone’s eye!


The necklaces to invest in this summer

This season we see several exciting jewellery trends and there is something for everyone. Allow yourself to be bedazzled by pearls, become enslaved by chains, and flirt with the turn of the millennium.