Silver Jewellery


At Efva Attling Stockholm, you will find silver jewellery for all occasions and styles – both trendy and timeless. A silver piece suits both everyday wear and special events and can be worn every day, as a gift to yourself or someone you care about. Discover your next piece in recycled genuine silver with a unique design – enriched with a thoughtful message.

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Silver jewellery

Clean lines in genuine silver, jewellery that makes a statement, or classic shapes. At Efva Attling Stockholm, you will find a wide range of silver jewellery for both men and women in authentic 925 sterling silver with unique designs. Our sterling silver jewellery can be worn individually or mixed and matched for a cooler look. Wear your silver pieces every day as signature jewellery or vary between different silver favourites.


A piece in genuine silver is suitable for all occasions, both more formal and more casual. A piece in genuine silver from Efva Attling works for both men and women and is a timeless purchase. Find your next piece in genuine silver for a party or work – a pair of silver earrings is an easy way to elevate your outfit. Match them with some silver rings or mix it up with gold pieces to create a dynamic look.

A silver piece from us should not be worn in a specific way – try new combinations and make your look personal. Experiment with asymmetry and varying sizes of your silver pieces to discover exciting silver combinations.


Genuine silver is a beloved metal that suits all occasions, making it a safe choice when giving a silver gift to someone you care about. Be inspired by our gift guides where you will find silver gifts for both women and men of all ages. Choose from trendy and authentic silver rings in various sizes and shapes, classic bracelets and necklaces, or stylish earrings.


Efva's silver jewellery and designs vary from season to season. The common thread through all silver and gold collections is that there is a thought behind the jewellery, often enriched with meaningful messages.

Our silver jewellery can be matched with pieces from other collections. Dare to bring out your personality and style and let them be reflected in your choice and purchase of genuine silver jewellery.


At Efva Attling, you will only find recycled genuine silver, as recycled metals are the best environmental choice. The sterling silver we use is an alloy, consisting of 92.5% genuine silver and the remaining copper, as 100% genuine silver is usually too soft to be used.

All genuine silver pieces from us are stamped to guarantee their authenticity.


Support the Swedish Red Cross, Bris, or Unizon by investing in our genuine silver jewellery – sold “For A Good Cause.” Give away a thoughtful necklace, bracelet, ring, or earring in genuine silver and be part of making a difference.


To give your silver jewellery a long life, it is essential to take care of them. After each use, it is good to wipe the jewellery to maintain its shine and store it in the accompanying box when not in use.