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The morning gift

Historically, the morning gift has functioned as financial security for the bride if the husband were to pass away. Today the morning gift is instead a traditional and loving gesture between the two lovers. But what do you give your bride or groom-to-be?

Morning gift

A morning gift, a gift of love and a memory for life. A piece of jewelry in gold or silver, with diamonds, pearls or gemstones. Or maybe a delicate leather bracelet or a pair of cufflinks. At Efva Attling Stockholm we have jewelry suitable as a morning gift for both him and her. Like "Million Stars" with diamonds to match the glitter in your eyes, the bracelet "Love Knot" for the hope that you always will keep together, or the earrings "You and me" because you're now linked together by love. A morning gift can also be a watch - a promise to give each other time, now and forever.