At Efva Attling, bracelets come in many different shapes and sizes - gold and silver, with leather, braided, beaded, with charms, hearts and other precious details. Who ever said one is enough?

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Welcome to Efva Attling Stockholm, we have bracelets for women and men in different shapes and styles in 18 carat gold, whitegold and 925 sterling silver.

Our womens bracelet comes in many shapes, sizes and styles. Our bracelets are popular to give away to your loved ones – a ladies bracelet is a piece of jewellery you can wear every day or only on festive occasions. We have small and classic bracelets that works every day, but also bigger statement cuffs for those extra special occasions. Choose between a ladies bracelet decorated with gemstones, pearls or a love knot – which is your favorite?

A womens bracelet can make your whole outfit pop and is a must in your jewellery box. Start collecting different kinds of bracelets for women from Efva Attling today.