Men's Necklaces EAS


Efva Attling's necklaces for men are created in 925 sterling silver and 18k gold or white gold and are sometimes complemented with leather details and chains of different textures and weights. The inspiration of men's jewellery and necklaces is drawn from life, with modern design in a clean and masculine style. At Efva Attling Stockholm you will find necklaces for men for all occasions, necklaces you can wear for years to come.

Choose between cross necklaces in silver, pendants with and without expressive text, and necklaces in silver with leather details. Perhaps the minimalistic “Kärlek pendant” is for you, or “Homo Sapiens”, with two plates in sterling silver, which Madonna wore in front of the whole world. Make the necklace personal by choosing what type of chain, different links and lengths to get the expression you desire.


Historically, the man has been representing strength and courage. The Attling Man collection focuses on refined men's jewellery in materials such as silver and leather and encourages the modern man to stand up for his convictions – which may mean he has to search for his softer side.

All Efva's necklaces for men are designed with a thought and are personal pieces to wear around your neck. By choosing between different chains, links and lengths, you get a necklace that is yours. Choose a message that you particularly appreciate and wear it with pride. Efva's thoughts and messages serve as reminders and champion the thinking man who knows that true courage is not measured in physical strength, but in love. Our necklaces for men in silver, gold and black leather have both softer and more masculine expressions, among our pieces you can be sure to find something that you will love.

A necklace for men is a fashionable accessory everyday as well as for celebratory events. Let the necklace reflect your personality. A necklace for your boyfriend, friend, father or partner is also an appreciated gift. Our necklaces for men are characterized by expressive designs and suit men of all ages. A necklace for men is also a nice morning gift for a new husband. Each collection has its own inspiring message. The messages behind the powerful and timeless jewellery are often about expressing yourself and standing up for who you are. A men's necklace from Efva Attling Stockholm is an exclusive gift that lasts a lifetime.


Our selection of men's necklaces includes tags and pendants in various styles as well as a large variety of different types of chain. For example, we have “Little cross pendant”, a modern but classic cross on a snake chain or “Make love not war tags”, two punched plates with braille on a ball chain. Pendants are popular purchases among men and a classic choice that easily elevates an outfit.


We have set high climate demands on our materials and our suppliers. Traditional precious metals such as silver and gold are both durable and have a beautiful colour, but the mining of these materials is damaging for both humans as well as the environment. That is why we use recycled silver and gold in our jewellery.

All diamond suppliers Efva Attling Stockholm works with are connected to the Kimberly process. The Kimberley Process is a certification system that brings together civil society, government, and industry to disrupt the market of blood and conflict diamonds. We follow Responsible Jewellery Council guidelines which covers the entire supply chain for gold, silver, platinum group metals, gemstones and diamonds. We can therefore guarantee that our diamonds do not come from conflict areas.

We are constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint and stay up to date regarding our industry, including gold, silver and precious stones.


You need to take care of your necklace to make it last longer. Always put it back in its box when not in use, alternatively in a jewellery box. Silver can turn black after a while, called oxidizing, and this is due, among other things, to the fact that we humans excrete minerals and salts. This can be remedied with silver dip, which can be bought in specialist shops. You can also have your necklace, both pendant and chain, handed in for cleaning at our concept stores. This way, your necklace will stay beautiful and give you joy even long after the purchase.

Never bathe or shower with leather jewellery. Organic materials such as leather can stretch over the years as it is used. Water speeds up this process. Pearls, which are also an organic material, can be damaged by perfumes and skin care products. Therefore, remember to wash your hands if you have recently handled lotions or aftershave before putting on your necklace.


Feel free to combine your necklace with a ring or a bracelet. Choose a piece of jewellery from the same collection for a consistent style. Or mix jewellery and materials from different collections for a personal expression. Here you can also find exclusive watches of Swiss craftmanship with bracelets in steel and leather, popular to match with your necklace.


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