Rings with pearls EAS



At Efva Attling Stockholm you will find rings with freshwater pearls in recycled materials such as silver, red gold and white gold. Pearls are both elegantly timeless and fashionably trendy. A pearl ring on the finger will always be appropriate, regardless of whether you wear it to the office or to festive occasions.

Wearing a ring, or several rings, is a flexible way to vary everyday life. By mixing materials and finishing with a pearl, you add a silver lining to even the greyest of days.


Since a pearl is created of organic material, it is softer and more fragile than gemstones or metals such as gold and silver. Therefore, you should be careful with your pearl jewellery and not wear your pearl ring when you exercise, shower or do the dishes, for example. For the same reason, it is more appropriate to choose a ring with a gemstone when it comes to a wedding ring or an engagement ring – as these often have higher durability than a pearl. On the other hand, a ring with a pearl is perfect to take out of the jewellery box to enhance and complete a look.

We use freshwater pearls for all our pearl rings, with us you won’t find any imitation pearls.

If you are not sure what kind of pearls you have at home, you can rub a pearl against the tooth. If it feels rough then you know it is natural or cultured, if instead it feels smooth against the tooth, the pearl is an imitation.


Throughout history, jewellery with pearls have been a popular accessory to adorn oneself with. Pearls come in different shapes and colours, but the most common is a white pearl. Wearing your pearl in combination with gold and silver metals or with a colourful stone will always be an elegant choice, regardless of trends. Find your ring at Efva Attling Stockholm –we have chic pearl rings decorated with or without precious stones.


Buy our pearl rings from our webshop or in one of our concept stores. If you need help finding the right size for your ring, you can get help from our customer care. In addition to size, they are also happy to guide you through your entire shopping journey and offer advice and guidance.

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