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Efvas Attlings’ design is characterized by modern elegance with an edgy twist. Its humor mixed with seriousness and love, or as Efva describes it herself; “Beauty with a thought”.

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“Like a bridge over troubled water.”- EFVA ATTLING

Curly Pearly

”Unique pearls shaped by the sea trapped in a swirl of silver”- EFVA ATTLING

Pencez Moon

“I found the expression ‘Pencez de moy’, which means ‘think of me’, engraved in a French 14th century ring at the National Museum in Stockholm. It is a precious gift to have someone thinking of you.”- EFVA ATTLING

Multi Me Myself & I

“You, and you only, are the most important. Never forget that.”- EFVA ATTLING

Ocean Dream

“Dreamy jewellery with drop shaped cabochon cut topazes in tourqouis with pink sapphires...”- EFVA ATTLING

Not for sale

“No child is for sale. The barbed wire symbolizes ‘Stay Away’.”- EFVA ATTLING

Save the Earth

“A constant reminder to think about our precious earth.”- EFVA ATTLING


“A wave or imagine an M, thinking of my dearest friend Marie Fredriksson...I will always miss you...”- EFVA ATTLING

Beam & Stars

”Let the diamonds sparkle!”- EFVA ATTLING


”Soulmate, when two people share the same thoughts... when you find your person.”- EFVA ATTLING


“Finally I get to wear my chunky silver bracelet with messages. A real statement piece”- Efva Attling

Little Devil

“Sometimes you need to let the little devil in you out ;) ”- Efva Attling


”A soft hug made in silver or gold with tiny diamond endings.”- EFVA ATTLING

The Whistle

"Thank you Gullan for your brilliant idea... xxx!"- Efva Attling

Women Power

“A reminder, a statement.”- Efva Attling

4 Love

“More bling is the thing! Four princess cut diamonds which together gives you all that shine”- Efva Attling

Hooked On Simone

"Inspired by the expressive singer Nina Simone and the generous jewelries she wore!" - Efva Attling

Forever & Ever

“Wishing for eternal love and friendship.”- Efva Attling

Define Normal

”We are all our own person with our own dreams, visions and expressions. Who can define normal and who are we to judge...”- Efva Attling

Rose Petals

“My fantastic rose Blue moon has been growing in my garden for over 15 years. My Rose Petal jewelry in silver or gold will last forever...”- Efva Attling


“I’ve got balls”- Efva Attling

Take No Shit

“My thought with the ’Take no shit’ message is to give strength, to get the courage to stand up for yourself, not to be offended”- Efva Attling


“The beauty of a garden...”- Efva Attling

Nature's Unique

“Pearls - each with a unique shape created by nature.”- Efva Attling

Amor Vincit Omnia

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Ring Around & Ring Chain

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"We all need hope. When we feel lost, hope is there to give us power and strength again. It is the last thing to leave our side."- Efva Attling


“My first music love... The Beatles. The songs, the voices, the guys, the force... their hairdos. Then and now... I love the Beatles.”- Efva Attling


“The classic expression ‘I have a dream’ was said by Martin Luther King in 1963 when he spoke in front of 200 000 people about equality, peace, and freedom in Washington DC. To me, peace is still high up on my wish list.”- Efva Attling

Carpe Diem

"In these times of stress and constant focus on the future, it is more important than ever to 'seize the day'. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Why put things off until tomorrow when you can live and enjoy today?"- Efva Attling

Crystal Rain

“Reach for the sky. Dreams are made to be reached.”- Efva Attling