Ring Trends 2022

Statement, precious gemstones, and mixed metals are the ring trends that are standing strong in 2022 – we show you the rings from Efva Attling to invest in this year.
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Statement XXL
Size doesn’t always matter, but when it comes to jewellery this season it is all about the bigger the better. The fashion magazines are prophesying that it doesn’t matter if it is elegant vintage or eclectic maximalism à la Iris Apfel, the common thread is that it should be big. So take the opportunity to liven up the weekdays this season with some shiny statement rings. At Efva Attling you’ll find, for example, the collection “Funky” with cocky rings in both sterling silver and white gold. Alternatively, you might find a new favourite in the “Soulmate” collection, or fall head over heels in the popular statement piece “Balls ring” – silver rings that surely will add that finishing touch to your look.

Mixed Metals
Forget everything you learned about not mixing silver and gold, this year we pair our metals however we like. Efva herself has long been a strong advocate for mixing metals, which can be seen in this spring's “Always Us”, a ring that consists of a mix of 18k red and white gold. Be inspired by the collection “Love Beads”, containing both gold and silver rings which can be stacked and matched indefinitely. These pieces are just as easy to style with a t-shirt as with a sundress, the only limitation is your imagination.

A Personal Touch
More than ever, we want to wear jewellery that represents us, and rings give us ten opportunities to express our personality. Among Efva's jewellery, you’ll find messages and quotes to carry with you, such as our signet rings or popular silver rings. The classic moonstone is also an option, which is a subtle but fun way to show who you are. According to folklore, certain gemstones carry magical properties and the moonstone should bring good luck to those who wear their stone as jewellery.


Earrings we love

Maximalism is the trend of the season. We look forward to wearing all our favourites, preferably at the same time. Below we share three styling tips on how to decorate your ears to the fullest.