What does wearing rings on different fingers mean?

An engagement or wedding ring on the finger is a well-known symbol for two people promising each other eternal love. But which hand is right? Let’s sort out which finger you should wear the ring on.
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In Sweden, Finland, Great Britain, and the United States, the engagement ring is worn on the left ring finger, while in most other countries it is worn on the right. There are various reasons for this. For example, the tradition of wearing the ring on the left hand comes from ancient Egypt. The tradition of wearing the ring on the right hand, on the other hand, comes from the fact that contracts were usually sealed with a right-handed handshake. In fact, throughout history, pretty much every finger on both hands, has been used to wear a wedding ring.

Vena Amoris
In ancient Egypt, the ring was worn on the left hand as the Egyptians believed that a “love vein” ran from the left ring finger directly to the heart (today we know that all veins go to the heart). After Alexander the Great's entry into Egypt, the ancient Greeks adopted the tradition, only to be taken up by the Roman Empire. Hence “Vena Amoris”, Latin for “vein of love”. In Sweden, the tradition was established by legislation in the 17th century, but that law has now been repealed...

Rings on other fingers
Of course, wearing a ring is not only for engaged and married people, but rings can also be worn by anyone who wishes. Wearing rings on fingers other than the ring finger does not carry as strong symbolism, but if we look back at historical ring use we can see certain trends. Among other things, medieval archers wore rings on their thumbs as protective equipment, and for the ancient Greeks, thumb rings were reserved for society's strongest as a status marker.

The left hand rocks the cradle, the right hand rules the world...

Today, we can sometimes see a "right-hand ring", i.e. a ring on the right hand, usually worn on the index finger. These rings, often cocktail or statement rings, are used as true attention grabbers. In two famous portraits of Beyoncé, taken by Jay Z, we can see her wearing a right-hand ring in the shape of a large butterfly, a ring that today has become iconic. In 2018 the butterfly ring was donated to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, where it has taken place among one of the world's largest jewel collections. For those of you who are looking for your own right-hand ring, you will find several unique pieces among our rings with precious stones, or among our silver favorites such as Soulmate ring” and “Balls ring”.

Another fun fact is the “rules” regarding signet rings. A signet ring has often been worn by high-ranking members of the nobility and members of royal houses, from the beginning to sign letters and contracts. Today, everyone can wear a signet ring, and on any finger they would like. The most common is that the ring is worn on the index or little finger.

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