Everything you need to know to find the right engagement ring

Thinking about popping the question, but having a hard time finding the right ring? In that case you have come to the right place – we will guide you all the way.
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  2. Everything you need to know to find the right engagement ring

1. Choose the right ring

One of the major and perhaps most important questions when buying a ring is often about the ring size. There are several options to choose from. Either we can help you find your partner’s ring size, or you can rent a ring just for the proposal. This way, you can choose the right ring size together with your partner in peace and quiet.

We will tell you more about how the different alternatives work a little further down. Because first of all, you need to find the ring, right?

Engagement rings are often divided into different categories, depending on the design. At Efva Attling Stockholm, our most popular categories are solitaire rings, halo rings, eternity rings and plain rings. There are no right and wrong here, which ring model you choose is mainly about taste.

But if you are curious about which models feel a little extra right, right now, you can read about our trendiest engagement rings here. And here you can get even more detailed tips and advices before you decide on an engagement ring.

What type of ring are you interested in?

2. Find the right size

Finding the right ring size can often be the most difficult part when buying an engagement ring. The size of the fingers varies from hand to hand, so even if your partner has a ring that s/he wears on one ring finger, it does not necessarily mean that the same ring fits just as well on the engagement finger.

If you are not completely sure about the ring size, we recommend that you rent a ring for the proposal. Then you can try out the right ring size together afterwards with your partner. It is also possible to choose another ring model, if the first one does not feel just right.

Why not book a wedding consultation, as an extension of the proposal? You will be well taken care of by our experienced staff, and with something bubbly to drink you can try out different rings and sizes until everything feels right. It can also be a perfect opportunity for you to choose your matching engagement ring.

Do you already know your partner’s ring size? In that case, just click on “Add to cart”, when you have found the right ring. You can also use our size guide if you rather want to find out your partner’s ring size on your own.

Of course, it is almost always possible to modify a ring if the size is not perfect. Contact our customer care for more information about how to resize an engagement ring.

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