Rent a ring to your proposal

To choose an engagement ring is a big decision with a lot to think about – and we can help you all the way. You can rent a ring at Efva Attling Stockholm for 30 days to propose with. This way you can feel that size, colour, and shape is just right.
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  2. Rent a ring to your proposal

Time to pop the question?

At Efva Attling Stockholm you can rent a ring for 30 days, for your proposal. This way you can try out the perfect ring size together. It also gives you the possibility to let your partner choose another model if the first one wasn’t the right one.

The rental ring is almost identical to the authentic one but is made of silver and with diamond imitations instead of real ones. The rings you can rent are available in two sizes, 17,5 mm (women) and 20 mm (men). After the proposal, you can try out your correct ring size together, either by using our size guide or visiting one of our concept stores.

To rent a ring, you pay a deposit, which you will be given back when the ring is returned to us. When you then place an order on the real ring, you pay full price, just like a regular purchase.

1. Order a rental ring

Select the ring you want to propose with. You can see all the available rings that you can rent here, and the price of the rings shown is reduced, and will be repaid once you return it.

Add the ring to the shopping cart, go to the checkout and complete your order. It will be sent to you in a white lacquer box within 1–3 business days.

2. Return the ring

The return of the rental ring after the proposal is complimentary of course. Do the return within 30 days by contacting our Customer Care and they will guide you through the process. You can also drop off the rental ring in any of our concept stores together with the return label.

The seal should be intact, and the ring should be in the same condition as when you received it. Once we receive the return, you will get a full refund.

3. Order the real ring

The proposal is over, and your partner said yes. If you need help to find out the correct ring size, or maybe change the model to another one, you are welcome to book an appointment for a wedding ring consultation in your nearest concept store. This might also be a good time for you to find a ring for yourself.

Are you ready to order your ring right away? Use our size guide to find out your correct ring size or contact our Customer Care for help. You will find our entire selection of engagement rings here, or just use the search function to find your model.

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