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Trends come and go, but wedding rings are forever. At Efva Attling Stockholm, we offer timeless wedding rings that feels just as right today as in several years. However, some of them feel extra trendy right now – let’s show you which ones!
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When choosing a wedding or engagement ring, it is important to consider your own style and what you like, as your wedding rings will be worn for a long time. What may feel like modern engagement rings right now, may not be the case in five years. That's why Efva does not design based on trends – the design of her wedding and engagement rings focuses on symbolizing lifelong love.

Even though Efva's design is always timeless, some pieces fall under the “trend radar” slightly more than others, and can be classified as modern engagement rings and wedding rings. Here we have collected two combinations and five rings, which are our most popular wedding rings right now.

Combo 1

The solitaire ring “High on love” is probably what many people clearly imagines when they think of a classic engagement ring. The smooth shank in red or white gold gives room for the brilliant-cut diamond that does not leave any eyes unsatisfied. This ring is truly the perfect mix of trendy and timeless.

The eternity ring “Love bead & stars band” is neat, stylish, and far from boring. The bead-set diamonds surround the entire ring and add that little bit of extra – without it becoming too much. But why only wear two wedding rings? Add another “Love bead & stars band” for a more personal and luxurious look and feel.

Combo 2

Do you constantly have diamonds on your mind? Say no more – go all the way with the halo ring “Wedding & Stars ring” whose center stone is surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds. A ring with diamonds is, and always will be, the safe choice when it comes to wedding rings – and this is a truly classic ring, with a modern twist

Continue the diamond party with the half eternity “21 stars & signature thin ring” which is enriched with 21 diamonds around half of the ring. Since the diamonds are not set around the entire shank, it is less sensitive than a full eternity ring.

If you are instead looking for “the more the merrier”, the ring is also available as a full eternity – see the “Stars & signature thin ring” here.

Why only wear two wedding rings when the world is full of pleasant options? Add the ring “You & me too ring” which follows the shape of the “Wedding & stars” ring in a beautiful way, and you will have a smashing trio to live happily ever after with.

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How to make your ring last a lifetime

Since you’ll be wearing your wedding ring every day, here are some tips and advice on how best to take care of your dream ring to ensure it lasts a lifetime.