The Morning Gift

Historically, the morning gift has functioned as financial security for the bride if the husband were to pass away. Today the morning gift is instead a traditional and loving gesture between the two lovers. But what do you give your bride or groom-to-be?
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From statutory to a loving gesture

The morning gift is a tradition with very old origins, especially in the Scandinavian countries and Germanic cultures. As early as 1350, the morning gift was enshrined in Swedish legislation and was intended to secure the woman's future, as a kind of life insurance. The gift was often of material or practical nature, for example, a piece of land, a cottage, or an ox.

In 1921, the Swedish government decided that all women, regardless of marital status, would be legal citizens at the age of 21 and thus the morning gift was also abolished in the legal text. Today, the gift serves as an expression to show and confirm the love between wedding couples, as something you give to each other.

From the 18th century onwards, a popular morning gift was a valuable necklace or locket, preferably with the groom's portrait or lock of hair inside the pendant. The necklace, often in gold with diamonds or pearls, is still a popular morning gift for the bride.

When do you give the morning gift?
Giving a morning gift is not obligatory and it is not only for the bride, today it is common for the husband to also receive a gift. If you want to give something away as a keepsake, you can do it according to tradition the morning after the wedding. However, today it is also common to give the morning gift on the wedding day itself. Choose what feels best to you.

Traditional or original?
Morning gifts symbolize eternity in a marriage and that is why it is perhaps most important that you give something that symbolizes you, both as a couple and as individuals. Unlike in the past, when the morning gift was based on the man's finances, the value of the gift today has no meaning. On the other hand is jewellery a popular morning gift partly out of tradition, but also partly because gold and diamond jewellery will last a lifetime – just like your love.

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