Wedding jewellery for the bride

Rings as well as clothing are starting to fall into place, but the outfit for this important day still doesn’t feel completely your own. By adding accessories such as earrings and other jewellery, you can add a personal touch to your look. We help you find your way.
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Find the right style for you

Maybe jewellery is something you wear every day, maybe it is something you rarely don. When it comes to your wedding, you should feel beautiful but also confident and comfortable. Find where your comfort zone is, then take a small step outside of it. After all, the wedding day is a big day for many and a day when you want to feel a little extra special.

Which pieces you should invest in also depend on the type of clothing you wear. For a dress with a higher neckline you might want to skip a necklace, just like long sleeves can make it difficult to wear bracelets. If you are unsure, you can always think that the jewellery should be on your skin and not on the garments. Another tip is to think about balance and where you want to focus. If you have a dress or suit with a lot of details, or a beautiful veil that deserves attention, choose bridal jewellery that doesn’t steal too much of the spotlight.

Match the theme

Who are you, and what type of wedding are you going to have? Your accessories can help put the finishing touches in place.

The romantic: Rural, floral, romantic. Find inspiration in nature and choose beautiful flowers and organic shapes for your accessories. Perfect for the boho wedding or rural barn locale at the countryside.

The classic: Stylish diamond necklaces, chic gold bracelets, and elegant pearl earrings. From the smaller city hall ceremony to the grand castle wedding - these timeless pieces suit every bride and every wedding venue.

The extravagant: For you who love some glitz and glamour, the wedding day is your time to shine. Take the opportunity to adorn yourself with shiny stones, statement earrings, or a beautiful tiara. Find inspiration among the stars of old Hollywood or Efva's own Kaboom collection.


Rent a tiara for your wedding

Have you found the dress of your dreams, but still have a feeling that something is missing? Rent a tiara at Efva Attling Stockholm and become queen for a day.