The thought behind: SS22

The news this spring exudes love, stars – and power. Take part of Efva's thoughts behind the designs and get tips on how to style our news.
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This release is inspired by the human being. “The inspiration is always people. Meetings, love and maybe loss… and thoughts about how we treat our planet.” says Efva. “To adorn oneself is to enhance the everyday life, a spoonful of vanity will make you feel good.”

There is a lot to love about spring season, but isn’t it something special about those first rays of sun? When the winter coat is put away, endless possibilities open up for stylish summer looks. Efva herself will wear the new “Nous les femmes”, a sculptural statement necklace, whose name means “We women”. “It is my tribute to all of us women to welcome spring and light,” reveals Efva. “I style it with a t-shirt or shirt with jeans or a simple dress in the evening.”

Powerful chains and reflective discs

Among this spring's most long-awaited news, we find “Disc” and “Chain”. The “Disc Collection” consists of a bracelet, earrings, and a ring with large plates in silver. “The beauty of shiny silver discs that reflects light. A piece of jewellery that is playful and eye-catching,” explains Efva. To put it simply, jewellery that goes perfectly to bright summer nights.

A timeless classic that has risen up to become an indisputable trend piece is the chain link necklace. “Chains, chains, and chains. For a couple of years now, this has been a strong fashion accessory. My new chain signals power and fashion,” says Efva. Feel free to combine “Chain” with pieces from the new collection “Power Plates”, which reminds you of, and gives strength for a powerful chain reaction.

Circle of life, circle of love

This spring, our popular “Circle of Love Ring” will be joined by earrings and necklaces in 18k white or yellow gold with brilliant-cut diamonds. We believe that these additions to the collection will become an instant classic on many wish lists in the coming years.

“‘Circle of Love’ is jewellery you can wear everyday as well as to parties. Style them with a white shirt and trousers or together with the party dress. I think of it as a staple collection in your jewellery box.” Efva says.

SS22 – A star-studded collection
In addition to the new cocky “Disc”, “Chain” and “Power Plates”, SS22 comes with several expansions to previous collections. “Catch A Falling Star” gets an addition in the form of “Catch A Falling Star Ring” in sterling silver with a small star, and “Stars Collection” is expanded with three bracelets. There’s no doubt that you will be able to outsparkle the starry sky itself this season.

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New collection “for a good cause”: “Save the Earth”

Together with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Sweden, we are happy to announce the new collaboration behind the new collection “Save the Earth”. The new jewellery is part of our assortment “for a good cause” and will be sold in favor of WWF Sweden and their important work for animals and nature.