New collection “for a good cause”: “Save the Earth”

Together with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Sweden, we are happy to announce the new collaboration with the new collection “Save the Earth”. The new bracelet is part of our collections “for a good cause” and will be sold in favor of WWF Sweden and their important work for animals and nature.
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  2. New collection “for a good cause”: “Save the Earth”

In connection to Earth Day on April 22nd, the new “Save the Earth Bracelet” is launched in proud collaboration with WWF Sweden – the leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species. For this collection, Efva has designed a bracelet in recycled sterling silver with dangling symbols; a globe, the trees of the Amazonas, the Antarctic iceberg, a bee, a fish and a coral.

This is not the first time Efva Attling has collaborated with a charitable organization, and probably not the last. In this collaboration, environmental issues are in focus, something that Efva has close to her heart. Efva has always been working with recycled metals for a long time and has a high demand on climate requirements when it comes to packaging.

“My collaborations are important and carefully selected, I have to feel one hundred percent for the cause,” says Efva. WWF Sweden is important for our planet, us humans, animals and our nature! I have tried to symbolize all this with my bracelet. The fishes in the sea, the important bees, the coral reefs that are being destroyed, Antarctica that melts, the rainforest that is devastated, these important issues are what WWF Sweden works with and it is close to my heart.”

A collaboration with WWF Sweden

The World Wide Fund for Nature WWF Sweden works for a future where humans live in harmony with nature. The work takes place on a political level as well as in the field and in close collaboration with independent organizations, local residents and other actors around the world.

“We are grateful that Efva Attling takes a stand with WWF and in connection with Earth Day raises awereness about the importance of taking care of our planet. The environment can not wait ", says Lisbeth Larsson, communications manager WWF Sweden.

“I hope that the jewellery can be a constant reminder to take care of our fantastic earth,” says Efva Attling. “With everything happening to our planet, with pollution, natural disasters, and climate change, it is more important than ever to stop and reflect.”

The bracelet is sold for the benefit of WWF Sweden's important work and for each piece of jewellery sold, Efva Attling donates 500 SEK to their work for the planet.

Their extensive work focuses on conserving animals and nature, stopping poaching and illegal trade in endangered species, reducing deforestation, protecting the rainforest, reducing overfishing and litter in the oceans, along with fighting climate change.

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Jewellery sold for a good cause

Since 2004, Efva Attling has collaborated with a number of aid organizations. During these troubled times, they are doing an important and fantastic job. Read more about the different organizations and their work during the ongoing corona crisis.