New pieces in “Divorced with Children”

“Divorced with Children” – the ring that symbolizes a love relationship that has ended but still resulted in something valuable. Now there are new additions to the collection.
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  2. New pieces in “Divorced with Children”

The “Divorced with Children” ring has long been a beloved piece of jewellery and it has acted as comfort and support for many. After a separation, there can be a void and some may feel a loss or a nakedness after wearing a wedding ring for a long time, which is why it has become more common to wear other rings of significance. “Divorced with Children” has become a popular such choice.

“Divorced with children” is a ring consisting of two silver rings held together by a third, smaller ring in red gold. The jewellery is a symbol of a relationship that didn't last but still brought something beautiful – children.

The collection is now being expanded with necklaces, bracelets, earrings and another ring. In this way, you can choose between round or angular style on your “Divorced with Children ring”, and those who prefer to wear other types of pieces can now still wear the message

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