Discover the new autumn collection 2023

The release for FW23 brings us both eye-catching novelties as well as new takes on old favourites. Read on to take part of the idea behind our latest release.
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Efva calls her jewellery “Beauty with a thought”, a world where Scandinavian style meet love, humor and seriousness. The design has strong messages as well as unique expressions, and this release is no exception. Meet “Eyes”, a collection inspired by surrealism in the shape of a blue eye with silver lines. This is a collection that really says, “all eyes on me”. “My eye has an eyeliner, a wink, a flirt. The meaning I want to highlight is... I want to be seen; you want me to see you. Of course, it is

about us respecting each other,” says Efva.

Another new collection is “Oysters”, silver pieces that celebrates the beloved treasures from the sea. The oyster is a feast for all our senses. In addition to the savory content of the oyster, it can also carry the beautiful pearl – an adored favourite we have loved for hundreds of years. “I love oysters,” says Efva. “The best oysters in the world are on the west coast.

In our amazingly clean sea, the oysters grow wild for many years before we get to enjoy their good treasure.”

Bridge over troubled water

That Efva is inspired by music is no secret. This season comes the collection “Bridges”, with the name based on Simon & Garfunkel's immortal song “Bridge Over

Troubled Water”.

The multi-dimensional design has a classic 60s feel and the collection consists of two pairs of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet and a ring.

“I twisted and turned pieces of paper until I achieved the shape I wanted,” Efva explains. “The design made me think of a bridge, as a bridge over troubled waters… Simon & Garfunkel's powerful song, we build bridges between us. We need each other. The music of Simon & Garfunkel still gives me comfort. Simon's soft voice and their melodious songs and choruses make me feel good.”

New classics

The beloved collection “Bubbles” is finally coming in gold and with diamonds. The playful collection were previously only available in silver but is now complemented with necklaces and earrings in gold and white gold, both with and without diamonds.

Another collection that is being expanded is popular “Dream”. We think the thin necklace will find its way onto several wish lists. As a sibling to “Dream”, new “Dreams & Pearls” is a collection for those who cannot decide between stones and pearls.

“‘Dreams and Pearls’”, so sheer and feminine, a beautiful mix of semi-precious stones and pearls for a jumper or a dress... every day or Friday night!” ­– Efva Attling

‘Dreams and Pearls’, so sheer and feminine, a beautiful mix of semi-precious stones and pearls for a jumper or a dress... every day or Friday night! EFVA ATTLING
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