In Efvas mind – Messages

After her music career, Efva returned to her first life plan – to become a silver- and goldsmith. But touching people with words was something Efva wanted to continue with, so her jewellery collections with strong messages became the start for what she today calls "Beauty with a thought".
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Efvas thoughts

There is a lot going on in Efva's head. She is an energetic and creative person who is constantly on the move and in search for the next challenge. She seeks inspiration in everything from architecture, music and surrounding herself with people, which also is a great source for her energy and joy. It is thanks to her drive and passion that she has always given everything, whether it’s about music, fashion or design.

Efva has a community interest, which one can notice through her jewellery. “Some of the first jewellery that I designed, was Homo Sapiens” Efva explains. “My thought with parting the words, which means “the knowing man” in Latin, was to show that we all have the same value. Another piece of jewellery I designed through my early years was Human, which for me means that I try to give respect and to get respect. To try to be a good fellow human being. "

Beauty with a thought

“In the 80's I wrote music and lyrics. After my music career, I found my way back to my first life plan, to become a silver- and goldsmith” Efva explains. “I wanted to continue to touch people with words. My limitation was that jewellery is so much smaller than what a song with its lyrics can be. Now my challenge was to make room for all of the words. Because a word can get wings, touch your innermost and set your mind in motion.”

It would take more than 25 years from Efva’s start as an apprentice to one of Sweden's foremost gold- and silversmiths, Bengt Liljedahl, until she returned to designing jewellery in 1996. Efvas's design is characterized by elegance with a twist. Where her love for words and music shines through her jewellery collections that contain their very own unique messages. Her jewellery is so much more than something beautiful to wear and look at. They should boost people and become topics of conversation, or as she explains it; "Beauty with a thought".

Humor, seriousness and love

In Efva's design and her messages, you notice that both subtle humour, seriousness and love is included. Components many can relate to, which can be one of the reasons why Efva's design appeals to so many different people. “Amor Fati is my favourite expression,” Efva says. “The love for our destiny. To me, this means, that we have been given this life, so let’s make the best of it. It’s all up to you!”

To design both thoughtful pieces of jewellery for your big wedding day, pieces for charitable purposes, but also pieces with cocky statements like "Fuck off" makes Efva's design anything but boring and predictable. She delivers thoughtful and unexpected messages that are mixed with subtle humour, which can be seen in the jewellery Passion Cuffs, Divorced children and Kaboom. "With my messages, I want to spread empowering thoughts and build self-esteem, respect, love and humour" Efva concludes.

In Efvas mind – Take a stand

To take a stand and dare to express her opinions is something Efva isn’t afraid of. A piece of jewellery can't change the world – but it can inspire and initiate thoughts that can lead to change.