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The trendy Swedish duo Ebba Kleberg von Sydow and Emilia de Poret have together released three books on the theme of “how to create a confident and classic style”. On their various platforms, they daily inspire women by sharing inspiration and tips on how to, step by step, build a classic style and “everlasting” wardrobe that works for all occasions.

We have had the honour of meeting Ebba and Emilia to talk about jewellery, “go to pieces”, and their best tips to get the most stylish jewellery wardrobe possible. In connection with our 25th anniversary, we have also asked them to select their jewellery favourites from Efva's most iconic pieces over the years.

How would you describe your jewellery style?
– First of all, we love jewellery! We love what it can do with an outfit – and for the mood. Jewellery is often what enhances a look, what adds attitude and emotion. When choosing pieces to wear, Emilia often thinks that ”more is more” and Ebba ”less is more”, haha! But we share the love of Scandinavian minimalism and that we are both faithful to our signature pieces of jewellery – our rings and necklaces that we wear almost constantly.

In what way do your pieces of jewellery and accessories reflect your style?
– We both think that jewellery is a crucial accessory, to get the look. Signature pieces are important, even if the style changes according to season and trend, there is something about wearing the same pieces of jewellery, as a stable point. Of course, we love to update our jewellery wardrobe sometimes too ...

Do you prefer red gold, white gold or silver?
– We love the mix! Here we have been inspired by Efva, who is phenomenal at daring to mix and wear red gold with white gold, mixed with silver. There is no right or wrong here!

How do choose jewellery for the day, do you have any tricks?
– We first pick our outfit, then complement it with jewellery. A simple style tip is that a stylish, stripped-down look is enhanced with the help of a chain necklace or a statement bracelet, or why not a pair of larger hoops?

What kind of jewellery are your “go-to” pieces that always work?
– A favourite is the Moonwalk cuff that has been in both of our jewellery boxes for a long time. It always works, just as nice with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or matched with the little black dress. It just gets more beautiful with the years. If you are the earring type, we want to praise a pair of classic hoops with a twist, like Efva's wonderful 101 Hoops.

In connection with our 25th anniversary, you have chosen Moonwalk Cuff and Soft Tear Necklace as your favourites, why did you choose these?
- Since they are so beautiful and because of the thought behind – they are modern classics. It’s pieces that take you through life, and it’s an incredible gift to treat yourself with.

How would you style these pieces for every day vs. a more festive event?

– The Moonwalk Cuff is always right, the same with the Soft Tear Necklace. These are real “power pieces” that works both every day and for a party. For the suit as well as for jeans and a knitted sweater. They are even lovely to throw on if you have a caftan on the beach, voilà – you’re ready for a cocktail! Both pieces of jewellery add a perfect dose of style to an otherwise simple outfit. The minimalist Soft Tear Necklace can in its simplicity enhance an entire outfit. We like to wear it to a white and unbuttoned shirt with black suit trousers. But just as well match it to a deep, low-cut black dress and high heels. It's pieces of jewellery to have fun in!

In conclusion – what are your tips for an “everlasting” jewellery wardrobe?
– Find your own jewellery style, which you feel safe and secure with. What have you always enjoyed wearing? What gives you strength and power? Invest in it – and wear it often! Yes, in general, use all your pieces. Too many women have jewellery that is at home in the drawers, don’t wait for the right opportunity – use them now, today!