Efva Attling's spring news 2023

This year’s spring release has something for everyone; sweet honey, trendy pearls and dramatic spikes. Read on to find out where Efva found the inspiration for her latest pieces.
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The latest news has been inspired by nature: the sky, the sea, the mountains – and the birds and bees. After the long winter we want to get outside, whether if it is your favourite open-air café, the garden or the lake house – this spring's news reflects our longing. “The new campaign photos was shot in water, something which I always long for after a long winter,” says Efva.

Nature & the self
The new collection “Honey” draws attention to our diligent bees and “Freesia” the billowing freesia flower. The collection “… & I” instead alludes to our relationship with nature – the mountains, the sea and the storm.

“Honey... I love honey and have it in my tea every morning and our bees are more important than you think for our environment,” says Efva. “‘The Sea & I’ with colored stones in green sapphire and turquoise topaz feels like longing for summer! ‘The Mountain & I’ with crystal quartz is perfect for the classic woman or the cool guy and ‘The Storm & I’ suits the stylish woman who loves to play with contrasts.”

Efva calls her design “Beauty with a thought”, which means that it is characterized by modern elegance with an edgy twist as well as Efva's penchant for words and powerful messages. The jewellery and its meaning can be used to strengthen one's self-esteem. The new “Me Myself & I” is a collection that is especially dedicated to lifting the self. “Boosting one's self-confidence is always a high priority in my collections, so ‘Me Myself & I’ is a reminder,” explains Efva.

Swirling and spiky
Two long-awaited collections are “Curly pearly” and “Spike”. These collections are each other’s opposites but both equally alluring. “Curly pearly” are pearl earrings and necklaces with soft shapes, while “Spike” instead has the shape of dramatic spikes. The pearl has firmly established itself as our hottest accessory right now and this spring we wish to see more unique pearl jewellery. “Spike”, on the other hand, flirts with the gothic and punky –fashionable subcultures on the rise.

“Pearls continue to adorn us... ‘Curly pearly’ feels more playful than just a classic pearl! I choose the larger design with the ‘Unique’ pearl,” says Efva. The jewellery has a spun shape and has both baroque pearls and round freshwater pearls. “Spike” contains earrings, a pendant and a larger necklace. “‘Spike’ is a bold collection with a cool expression. I choose the small earrings for the office and the big necklace for Friday night!”

More from spring/summer 2023

Other news to look forward to are the potential future favorites “Pencez moon” and “Pop pearls”. The new “Pencez moon” collection with a necklace and earrings shaped like a new moon with the words “Pencez De Moy” (Think of me) engraved. The collection is in silver and gold, as well as in white gold and gold with diamonds. “Pop pearls” are dangling silver earrings decorated with a round freshwater pearl and are sure to be your everyday favourite.

In addition to the new collections, old collections receive welcome additions. The “Starline” collection is expanded with necklaces and colliers in red and white gold. The luxurious wedding ring “The Mrs” is complemented by matching dreamy necklaces with diamonds. These exclusive pieces will probably be loved no matter whose jewellery box they end up in.

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