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Artist-collabs, partnerships "for a good cause" and prestigious statuettes. Get to know Efva outside her role as a jewellery designer – a world full of creative challenges, exciting meetings and honourable assignments.
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It doesn't stop with jewellery

Many people are probably aware of the fact that Efva's hallmark is to express feelings, thoughts and opinions through her design with strong messages. Whether it’s about her own jewellery collections or external collaborations, the common thread is always her thought behind everything that comes her way.

During her years as a jewellery designer, she has often through meetings with successful people, had the opportunity to be a part of exciting collaborations. Collabs that have contributed to an annual invitation to the table of the Swedish Royal family at the Polar Music Prize and contract signing for collaboration with Yoko Ono …

The Swedish Grammis & Polar Music Prize

The year was 2008 and much about the Grammy Awards was about to change and get updated, including the prize. Efva, with her strong connection to music, was asked to design the statuette without limitations regarding the design with the Swedish design company Orrefors as producer. Early in the process, Efva decided that the statuette could be lifted with one hand in a gesture of victory, like all the winners at the prestigious Academy Awards. “Empire State Building meets Hötorgsskrapan with musical elements was my first thought. Then it felt important that the star on the prize would be of the finest platinum, which is the most expensive material – whoever wins the prize should feel like a star. Of the evening, and forever" says Efva.

Six years later, Efva was asked to design another statuette. No less than the Polar Music prize – one of the world’s most prestigious music prizes with winners such as Patti Smith, Stevie Wonder and Emmylou Harris. To find inspiration for the design, Efva was out taking walks for four days. As for the Grammys, the statuette was created together with Orrefors, this time in glass shaped like an asymmetrical mountain, with a silver crown in the middle. Since then, Efva has annually received a special invitation to the gala with a chair by the same table as the Swedish royal family to enjoy the gala, the people and not least the music.

Swedish House Mafia & Yoko Ono

In connection to Swedish House Mafia's farewell tour, fall 2012, a black leather bracelet in a limited edition designed by Efva was launched. This is what Efva herself says about the collaboration: “I met Axwell at the Swedish Grammy awards this year through mutual friends. As I am a jewellery designer we discussed... jewellery. My vision with the SHM bracelet was a bracelet that makes a sound. The fans would wear it to the concerts, shaking it in the air. I also had a fantasy that SHM could sample this sound and use it in their music - a hint to you, guys ;). Can you imagine hundreds of people shaking their bracelets, filling the arena with this characteristic sound! I designed the bracelet driven by passion and with the same energy as the music created by SHM. This is where Swedish House Mafia and Efva Attling connects.

During a crowded restaurant visit in Efva's former hometown New York, she saw the artist Yoko Ono on the other side of the restaurant. She gathered the courage to walk towards her table and started talking. After a short conversation, she received the contact details of Yoko's curator, whom she contacted a few weeks later. Efva posted a ring and a necklace from the upcoming collection "Imagine Peace", which is a tribute to Yoko Ono's deceased husband John Lennon and his song "Imagine". Shortly afterwards, Efva received an email from Yoko's lawyer about a collaboration that proposed that the income for each piece of jewellery sold from the collection would be donated to Doctors Without Borders - which Yoko Ono has been a strong advocate of for many years. Efva said yes, and shortly afterwards signed the contract for the collaboration.

Mackmyra Whisky

Efva is a true Whisky Connoisseur. The other year she was asked to make a whisky with the Swedish whisky distillery Mackmyra. Together with Mackmyra's Master Blender Angela D’Orazio, Efva's wish to make a whisky with a Nordic character in a beautiful bottle came true. Not only was she involved in finding just the right taste, she also got to design the cork of the bottle. “I’m a whisky lover and I am incredibly happy to have had the opportunity to do this collaboration.” says Efva. “Being down in Bodåsgruva with Angela and all the whisky barrels was a tickling and beautiful experience. The first time I tasted my whisky, I know that Angela noticed that I was not completely satisfied. The whisky had hints of birch sap, but I wanted to complement it with a slightly rounder taste. When I got to test it again a week later, it was absolutely fantastic. Coming home after a tough week at work and enjoying a whisky with an elegant piece of ice in a nice glass, that's a nice part of life.” Efva concludes.

The limited edition of the whisky was named "Moment Efva" and was launched online in a limited edition in the autumn of 2018 at Systembolaget and is still in their range.

In Efvas mind – Messages

After her music career, Efva returned to her first life plan – to become a silver- and goldsmith. But touching people with words was something Efva wanted to continue with, so her jewellery collections with strong messages became the start for what she today calls "Beauty with a thought".