3 new additions to the “Beatles” collection

It is no secret that Efva Attling has a fondness for music, but there is one band that has a special place in her heart. Already back in 2015, the first pieces of jewellery inspired by The Beatles' music were released, and this year three brand-new Beatles pieces arrives.
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Efva Attling has carried her love for The Beatles with her since her teens. During a class trip to London, she snuck out to the hottest club in town at the time, Speakeasy. “During that night, George Harrison walked past me and then I said ‘Hello’ in Swedish as if I knew him. My room at home was covered with his face.”

In 2015, Efva Attling's collaboration with The Beatles was launched and now it is time for a follow-up – the collection will be joined by three new pieces.

“The Beatles and I have an endless love affair,” Efva says. “The first time I was at Apple, the Beatles office in London, the sensation took my breath away”.

Among the new pieces of the Beatles collection, you will find the Get Back Cuff. “After watching the fantastic Get Back documentary about the Beatles' last time together, I got the idea to make a Get Back unisex bracelet in silver,” Efva says. “Last year, Paul McCartney was on his US tour Got Back and of course played Get Back in his show.”

One of the other news has been named after the song “Ticket to Ride”. Efva continues: Paul McCartney and John Lennon hitchhiked to Ryde on the Isle of Wight where they stayed the night at Paul’s cousin Betty's who managed a pub there, the trip later became the song title ‘Ticket to ride’”.

The last arrival is the “Blackbird necklace”, a silver necklace in the shape of a bird with wings covered in black diamonds. In 2018, Paul McCartney explained that the song “Blackbird” should be interpreted as “black girl” in the context of the civil rights issues in the southern US during the 1960s.

There will also be an updated version of the former “Here comes the sun necklace”.



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