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Efva Attling Stockholm is a Royal Warrant Holder – a distinction granted by H.M. The King. The Royal Warrant is an honorary appointment awarded to companies as proof that their products are appreciated by members of the Royal Family.

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The necklaces to invest in this summer

This season we see several exciting jewellery trends and there is something for everyone. Allow yourself to be bedazzled by pearls, become enslaved by chains, and flirt with the turn of the millennium.


Welcome to a wedding consultation

Efva Attling Stockholm offers complimentary wedding consultations at all our concept stores. Our experienced jewellery advisors guide you through our ring assortment and answer all your questions and concerns.

Efva Attling Stockholm offers complimentary wedding consultations at all our concept stores. Our experienced jewellery advisors guide you through our ring assortment and answer all your questions and concerns.

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Efva Attling Stockholm is an exclusive online jewellery store. Here you can find jewellery for all occasions - for you who want to find a piece of jewellery for yourself or you who are looking for an appreciated gift.

Necklaces and bracelets, earrings or rings, novelties or classics, no matter what you're looking for, you will find it among our products. Here you will find Scandinavian and exclusive jewellery in red gold and white gold as well as silver, decorated with diamonds and other precious stones.

Welcome to explore our products in-store or by visiting Efva Attling's webshop. Whether you are looking for our latest news or timeless necklaces, you will always find something in our stores to add to your shopping cart.

Efva designs necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewellery in gold and silver which many have as favourites in their jewellery box. Our earrings in gold or bracelets in silver, for example, can work well as a meaningful gift for someone you care about.

In addition to jewellery, you will also find watches, T-shirts, cufflinks, perfumes, scented candles and different options for accessories in our webshop.


Like other brands, Efva Attling is a designer for love. Among other things, we offer exclusive wedding rings and engagement rings in various styles, both in white and red gold as well as in silver.

The ring that you choose before the wedding often means more than your other rings and will be worn for life. That's why we think that only the best will do as a wedding ring and why our exclusive gold and silver rings are produced with extra love.

Engagement and wedding rings come in many shapes, colours, styles and expressions. Explore variants in red gold and white gold as well as in silver. The most common and most popular is the gold ring. Which is the ring of your dreams?


What makes us as a company unique, unlike other brands, is that all our products follow Efva's line “Beauty with a Thought”. This means that all necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewellery are designed with a thought in mind and carry important messages. Messages that can feel extra important to stand up for.

Invest in a necklace or earrings in gold from Efva Attling and you can be sure that you will get a partner for life. Which messages are important to you?

Efva Attling has extensive experience as a gold and silversmith and designs jewellery for him and her. Perhaps you are looking for a pair of new beautiful earrings or are more interested in our watches? Check out our page for news and explore products for all tastes.

Don't be afraid to experiment and combine our products. Follow your own personal style, play with today's trends or explore timeless classics. Mix gold and silver, combine pearls with precious stones, mix styles or display entire collections at once. When it comes to accessories and style there are no limits, only your imagination sets the limits. If you are interested in trying something from our website or need help with sizing, you are welcome to visit one of our concept stores. You can also get help from Customer care, who can inspire you, help you find the right ring size and guide you through your purchase via chat or over the phone.


We work with recycled silver and gold as it is one of the most gentle and ethical methods in terms of impact on the environment and the world around us.

Gold is a finite resource and rare, therefore our goldsmiths and silversmiths choose to work with recycled metals. You can be sure that your purchase from us leaves as little of a climate footprint as possible.

When it comes to our t-shirts, these are 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton means that it has grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers.


The Kimberley Process is a certification system that unites civil societies, authorities and industry with the aim of making the market and flow of so-called conflict diamonds more difficult.

All diamond suppliers that Efva Attling Stockholm works with are connected to the Kimberly process. This means that all diamond jewellery from us is conflict-free.


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