Celebrating: “The Wedding Ring”

Efva Attling celebrates 25 years as a jewellery designer, and we take a closer look at some of her most iconic pieces. Discover the story behind one of the very first wedding rings; “The Wedding Ring”.
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Efva Attling has been designing wedding and engagement rings since the beginning of her jewellery career. One of her first, and most iconic rings is The Wedding Ring. With its minimalistic design it feels as modern and elegant today as when it first was launched. Efva herself tells the story behind the design:

“When I started to work as a silver- and goldsmith, after my 27-year break, I worked all the time. I was newly divorced and had my children every other week. I came home for dinner at 6 pm and on the child-free weeks I kept working until late in the evenings. Love is the greatest, that’s why I wanted to design engagement and wedding rings."

"One of the first orders I received was for a 1 carat wedding ring in white gold. I called it The Wedding Ring and the diamond has a smooth setting. I call it “stocking-friendly”, since there’s no claw that get stuck in your nylon tights. The ring rail is 3 mm and angular and from the side you can see the tip of the diamond. A few years later, I made the same ring for myself, as a reward, since I had worked so hard.”

Made by hand in Sweden

Our wedding and engagement rings are made by hand by experienced goldsmiths in our atelier in Stockholm. The size of the diamond is stated in carats, with the abbreviation “ct”. Cutting diamonds involves advanced artisanal skills where mathematical formulas are used to ensure the right proportions between the different parts of the stone.

There are different types of cuts, which both give the stones different shapes and amount of luster. No other gemstone can sparkle as a perfectly cut diamond.

The cutting of the diamond in The Wedding Ring is known as a brilliant. It’s one of the most popular cuts, and often seen on celebrities and royalties. The brilliant cut gives the stone a round top while the bottom ends in a sharp tip. Nothing sparks like a brilliant-cut diamond, and if you really want to “shine bright like a diamond” this might be the diamond-cut for you.

Wedding or engagement?

The Wedding ring fits just as well as an engagement ring, as a wedding ring, and will be beautiful to combine with the ring Circle of Love I or Circle of Love II when it’s time for the “I do”. Together the rings will form a beautiful unit – a perfect way to consolidate your love.

To choose the correct ring size for your partner can be a tricky one, and if you’re not a 100% sure, you can always rent a ring from us for the actual proposal. In this way, you’ll both get the moment of surprise, and the comfort of trying out the right size together. Find out more about how it works here.

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