Celebrating: “Rose petals”

Efva Attling celebrates 25 years as a jewellery designer and to celebrate the occasion we take a closer look at some of her most iconic designs. Learn more about the story behind “Rose Petals”, a collection loved by many – including Meryl Streep.
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  2. Celebrating: “Rose petals”

In 2003 Rose Petal was launched, a collection consisting of necklaces and earrings in two different sizes – with or without diamonds. “I’m proud of my Rose Petals”, says Efva. The shape of a rose petal, slightly hovering in silver or gold.”

“I have been inspired by a rose that grows in my garden, that I nurture tenderly. The rose is called Blue Moon, a purple rose with a wonderful scent. I bought it for my wife Eva’s 40th birthday. Back then, the rose fitted into a small pot – today it’s a magnificent, almost 1.7-meter-high rose, which blooms several times from spring to autumn. I talk to her and take care of her all the time.”

Match jewellery with fragrance

In addition to the pieces of jewellery, the Rose Petal Collection also contains a perfume. The scent is of course inspired by the same purple rose as the rest of the collection. The perfume is made in one of the oldest perfume houses in France, Robertet in Grasse – the world leader in natural ingredients.

Like all of Efva Attling’s perfumes, Rose Petals is 100% vegan, and the content is hand-picked in every detail. In addition to the scent of rose, there are blends of passion fruit, pomelo and Asian pear, with notes of magnolia and cedarwood. It’s a very female scent, both light and elegant – just like the jewellery.

The Rose Petal Lady

The almost floating feel of the metal, while the jewellery is big enough to turn your outfit into an eye-catcher, is appreciated by many. Over the years, Efva’s iconic pieces have been worn by many celebrities. Rose Petal in particular has been worn frequently by no other than Meryl Streep. Efva says:

“Meryl Streep received the Rose Petal earrings as a gift from Björn Ulvaeus, in connection to the Mama Mia premiere in Stockholm. I met her at the afterparty at Hotel Rival, and she called me “the Rose Petal lady”. We had a lot of fun that night. Later, she wore her earrings on several press photos for the Mama Mia movie. That made me happy, of course!”

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