Celebrating: “Rainbow freedom”

This year, Efva Attling celebrates 25 years as a jewellery designer, and we want to share stories behind some of her most iconic pieces. “Rainbow Freedom” is one of those special pieces, that with its strong message aims to put light on the LGBTQ movement.
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“You can try to take away my colours, but you can never take away my pride.”– Efva Attling

What has been unique about Efva's jewellery collections since the beginning of her career in 1996 is the thoughts and strong messages behind the design. Changing and improving the world through design is difficult, but creating pieces that start conversations and make people think is the foundation for what Efva calls ”Beauty with a thought”. She wants her pieces to initiate change by highlighting important and current topics – such as feminism, equality and peace.

In 2014, the iconic Rainbow Freedom pendant was released, which is a great example of a piece of jewellery whose message shows the importance of respecting each other's equal value and the right to love whoever you want, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or background. “It’s a piece of jewellery that I am very proud of. This way, you can always wear the rainbow flag, even if you just want to do it in a discrete way” says Efva.

The idea behind “Rainbow Freedom”

“When the Swedish athlete Emma Green was to compete in the Olympic Games in Moscow 2013, she had painted her nails in the colours of the rainbow as a silent protest against Putin's non-acceptance of homosexuals” Efva says. “The Swedish Olympic management didn’t support this so Emma had to remove the colours on her nails.”

“This is where the idea started to grow – I wanted to make a piece of jewellery with the colours of the rainbow stamped in silver. Then even people in the countries that do not accept LGBTQ can wear a strengthening piece of jewellery that stands for the Pride movement.”

You can try to take away my colors, but you can never take away my pride. Efva Attling

Part of “For a good cause”

Efva designed her first collection “For a good cause” in connection with the tsunami disaster in 2004, for the benefit of the Swedish Red Cross. Rainbow Freedom is part of her “jewellery sold for a good cause” which today has grown into a collaboration with several different aid organizations, where we donate part of the income to help people or groups in the society, in need. For every sold Rainbow Freedom pendant, we donate a part of the income to the Swedish organization Regnbågsfonden. We do not see it as charity, but as our responsibility.

Our pieces “for a good cause” might be the perfect gift as they both have a strong meaning and at the same time make a difference for someone else. Explore all the pieces of jewellery and t-shirts that are part of “For a good cause” here.

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