Celebrating: “Miss butterfly”

In the 80’s, Efva wrote a song called “Miss Butterfly” which later on became the main inspiration to one of her most iconic jewellery collections with the same name.
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The collection “Miss Butterfly” was launched in 2011 and has since then become a favourite for many. Over the years the collection has grown and today it holds both pieces in silver and gold, some of them enriched with diamonds.

Love and music are two components that often is the main theme behind Efva's messages and jewellery design. The inspiration for this particular collection is taken from the 80’s and Efva's years as an artist, which the message behind the jewellery further describes: “At the start of my music career back in the 80’s, I wrote the song ‘Miss Butterfly’. The lyrics were about love and how precious it is. You shouldn’t hold on too tight because it might fly away, just like a butterfly.”

“A butterfly that doesn't want to be caught”

The years before Efva became a jewellery designer, she worked as a model in the world's biggest fashion cities and had a career as a singer-songwriter. This is Efva’s own words about the time that later on initiated the idea behind the collection: “At the end of my 12-year long career as a model, I started to get tired of the modelling profession. In Milan, my last stop abroad as a model, I met some musicians by chance.”

“I did a demo tape in a studio, and the song I wrote was called ‘Miss Butterfly‘. It was about my life as a model and the constant change of workplace, from Paris to London, New York and Milan. I was like a butterfly, and if any crush I met tried to make me stay, I flew on. Like a butterfly that does not want to be caught. Butterflies are so beautiful and have given me great inspiration that I have tried to reproduce in silver and gold.”

I was like a butterfly, and if any crush I met tried to make me stay, I flew on. Efva Attling

A royal butterfly

Efva's pieces of jewellery have been worn by many celebrities over the years, and pieces from the “Miss Butterfly” collection has been seen on actresses like Idina Menzel and Michelle Trachtenberg, and the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria.

In addition to jewellery, the collection also contains a scented candle and a perfume – which should bring love to mind, and how precious it is. The perfume has a fresh scent with blends of blood orange, freesia and lemon along with notes of amber and green tea. The perfume bottle is decorated with butterflies at the top of the lid and is a nice interior detail to place next to your jewellery box. Most people match their pieces of jewellery with their clothes, but at Efva Attling you can take it one step further and match your jewellery with your outfit and your perfume.

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