Celebrating: “Kaboom”

Read more about our very own silver queen Efva and one of her most iconic jewellery collections “Kaboom”, which is even appreciated by royalties.
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Among all of Efva’s jewellery collections, there is one that really makes you think of the most festive holiday of the year, New Year’s Eve. We are talking about the “Kaboom collection” of course, inspired by fireworks.

“Kaboom is like a firework! With diamonds shining bright, you will be the queen of the evening.” - Efva Attling

The collection, launched in 2014, is not only intended to be a party collection. Like all of Efva's pieces of jewellery, Kaboom carries a deeper meaning, which can be shaped by the ones who wear it. Maybe, Kaboom can be a reminder to sometimes break your daily routines, and start living a more (firework-)sparkling life? Or maybe a piece of a Kaboom firework is exactly what you need to spice up an ordinary Monday?

The Kaboom collection

The collection consists of jewellery in gold, white gold and silver, with or without diamonds. Choose between pendants, a collier, rings, earrings and necklaces. Try wearing several pieces together in the same metal for an extra festive look.

In the collection you will also find a scented candle, a perfume and a tiara. During her years as a jewellery designer, Efva has actually created many other types of products – everything from eyewear and wedding accessories to fragrance collections with the same design as some of her most popular jewellery collections.

From one queen to another

It's hard not to notice a piece from the Kaboom collection, that adorns someone's neck or earlobe – the jewellery really are true eye-catchers. With their unique shape and beautiful design, they even appeal to royalties. Efva says: “The year I designed the Polar Music Prize, I had the honour of sitting at the same table as the Swedish Queen at the award ceremony. Then Queen Silvia gave me a compliment for my ‘Kaboom earrings’ – from a real queen to a silver queen.”

Since 2018, Efva Attling has been a purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden, an honourable appointment that is only given to Swedish companies whose products any member of the Swedish Royal Family appreciates and continuously buys. “I feel honoured to have the recognition as a Royal Court supplier,” says Efva. “It’s proof that we are a solid and serious company that creates first-class design, and that Sweden is at the forefront when it comes to design.”

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