Celebrating: “Funky”

In connection with our 25th anniversary, we raise the idea behind one of Efva's most iconic collections “Funky” - whose design and messages are anything but modest.
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The collection “Funky” was launched in 2012, consists of a necklace, a bracelet and four rings with three different messages; “Sans peur”, “Fuck off” and a third variant without any text - but with an irresistible number of diamonds.

Cocky message and statement jewellery have been a big part of Efva's design DNA since the start in 1996. This collection is no exception, and it also symbolizes another strong hallmark of Efva’s design – jewellery that becomes a conversation starter, thanks to its unique design.

The not so subtle “Fuck off” ring

One of the rings in the collection is called “Funky & Stars ring – Paparazzi” and is decorated with diamonds that forms the text “Fuck off”. The product name gives a hint of Efva's own thought and message behind the design; “Give me a break”, but like all her jewellery, the meaning can be different depending on who is wearing it. The message might be linked to feelings, people or occasions that have left an impression or meant something extra. Efva fills in:

“Many artists, actors and famous people in general could probably never dream of how the other side of the business could change their lives. The passion for the profession that took their lives to a dream, but which then became a nightmare. My idea behind ‘Funky’ is not just about the paparazzies and is not just for famous people. “Fuck off” is sometimes just a thought that anyone can have, like ‘get the hell out’ – when you've had enough.”

Uma Thurman goes Funky

It's not only stars like Madonna, Meryl Streep and Oprah who have worn Efvas designs. One of the rings from the “Funky” collection pieces has actually been in the same room as former President Bill Clinton – thanks to actress Uma Thurman.

“Uma Thurman came to the opening of my store in New York, and she loved my ‘Fuck off’ ring”, says Efva. “I even think she has had more than one of those rings, as she happened to lose a few. When I saw a picture of her talking to Bill Clinton, and you can clearly see the ‘Fuck off’ ring on her finger, I had such a good laugh.”

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