Celebrating: “Bend Over”

The “Bend Over” collection includes some of Efva's most luxurious cocktail rings and is one of her most iconic collections. Take part in the story behind the design with the well-noticed message.
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One of Efva’s most talked-about collections, ”Bend Over”, was launched back in 2004. The cocktail rings have become dreamy classics thanks to the exclusive design with the diamond band embracing the gemstone, which makes it a real eye-catcher.

Bend Over started out as a ring collection in white or yellow gold, with a gemstone in onyx, aquamarine, crystal quartz, morganite or green quartz, in either a smaller or slightly bigger version. This fall, the collection was enriched with necklaces in six different colour combinations. These necklaces improve any outfit but will look even better together with the ring in the same colour.

With Hollywood in mind

It’s not a coincidence that Efva designed a drinking stick in silver, that was launched in the middle of this anniversary year when the pandemic restrictions eased. Efva loves to celebrate and to have a reason to dress up and be a little extra glamourous. That’s why cocktail rings like “Bend Over” always been close to her heart.

“I love creating dreamy jewels,” says Efva. “With a real party and Hollywood feeling… gold, diamonds and gemstones. Long ago, I met a man who wanted to sell me gems he had bought in India. I bought a large aquamarine and immediately started to design the very first ‘Bend Over Ring’.”

“Bend over and you might get it”

If you are an Attling fan, you know that Efva's design is not only based on beautiful things, it there’s also a thought behind it. In addition to the unique design, her pieces also come with a strong message which Efva hopes will lead to interesting conversations between people. Conversations between people that probably wouldn’t happen otherwise.

The “Bend over collection” is a clear example of this, it’s a collection that has received a lot of attention thanks to its name and message, combined with the design. Efva continues: “The name first came to me because of the band of diamonds set over the generous aquamarine. But then I started to play with the words and decided on ‘bend over and you might get it’ – a little humour is part of my life.”

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