Lisa's Journey to the Perfect Wedding Ring

This summer, creator Lisa Petterson is getting married – but before that, her journey to choose the perfect wedding ring started. From finding the classic yet unique ring to receiving unexpected style advice for the big day, Lisa shares her journey in collaboration with Efva Attling Stockholm.
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  2. Lisa's Journey to the Perfect Wedding Ring

Choosing the perfect wedding ring is a symbolic and memorable experience for many couples. For Lisa Petersson, known from her Instagram account @faggemala, this was not just a ring choice but a process she shared with Efva Attling Stockholm.

On a crisp winter day, Lisa visited our flagship store on Biblioteksgatan in Stockholm to meet Efva Attling and explore our wedding ring collection. Here, Lisa shares her experience and thoughts, along with tips on choosing the perfect wedding ring and complementary jewellery for her big day.

Choosing a ring is a lifelong decision – was it difficult to choose the style, model, and metal? What were your thoughts when choosing a ring?
For me, it was important to have a classic ring with a style that would stand the test of time. I wanted something simple and classic. I opted for Swedish yellow gold to match my engagement ring, which belonged to my fiancé's great-grandfather, also in Swedish yellow gold. I knew I wanted a stone to add a contrast to my engagement ring. When I saw all the options at Efva Attling, I immediately fell in love with the “Forget Me Not Star ring”. It is classic but still stands out with a twist. I tried lots of rings, but I kept coming back to the one I chose; it was simply meant to be.

Was it important for you and your partner that your rings match?
Yes, my engagement ring is a family heirloom, and it was important for us that my new ring would complement it. My fiancé's ring is also in Swedish yellow gold to match mine. The main consideration for us was that it would complement my engagement ring.

Before visiting our store, did you have any questions for our jewellery advisors or Efva beforehand?
I wanted advice and tips on how to ensure my wedding ring would match my engagement ring as good as possible. I received excellent advice and tips on which models would complement my existing ring.

Did you receive any new information or tips during the visit that you would like to share?
Before the visit, I had planned out a wedding ring and a pair of earrings that I wanted for the wedding. When I told Efva about my strapless wedding dress and how I would wear my hair, she immediately suggested that I change the earrings. With a strapless dress and your hair up, you need earrings that are visible and make a statement, Efva said. I was guided to find another pair of earrings (also in Swedish yellow gold) that matched my style and stood out a bit more. “Little Curly Pearly ear” was not what I had in mind originally, but it is going to be even better now! So great to get tips on the whole look for the wedding day – a memory I will cherish!

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