Exclusive rings with unique design

An engagement ring or a wedding ring is a piece of jewellery that you should choose carefully. It will be on your finger for many happy days. Our wedding rings are a demonstration of top-quality Swedish artisanal skill, and they are made to last a lifetime.
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There are many different styles of engagement and wedding rings. We want you to choose a ring that feels right for you. After all, you’re the one who knows what style suits you best. Every time you glance down at your hand, the ring will be there as a reminder of a truly special day. Although only you know how the ring should look, by choosing one of our rings you can be assured of a handcrafted ring of the highest quality with a timeless design.

Unique design
All our rings are designed by Efva Attling and follow her vision of stylish and minimalist rings with a unique expression. The design process is guided by the phrase “Beauty with a thought”, and there’s often a story or a special thought behind each unique design. We hope that you’ll find a ring that reflects your unique style.

“Choosing an engagement ring or a wedding ring is an important moment in life. I want you to find your dream ring,” says Efva.

When Efva gets an idea for a new ring, she first draws a sketch by hand before giving it to our studio director in Stockholm who, together with our talented goldsmiths, brings her vision to life and creates the finished ring by hand. Once Efva is happy with the design, a beautiful new piece of jewellery will see the light of the day.

Manufactured by hand
A number of our wedding rings are made in Sweden, where the goldsmiths prepare the jewellery and the jewellers fit and set the stones. Making a diamond ring is arduous and complex work in which a skilled jeweller can raise the quality and character of a piece of jewellery.

Setting diamonds
There are many techniques for setting – i.e. attaching – diamonds. The technique used is determined by the design and how the diamonds are to be presented in the ring. In the production of our complete alliance 4 ½ & stars ring, which has 44 0.01 ct diamonds bead-set in the rail, the work of setting the diamonds starts by placing them evenly along the ring rail.

A small hole is then drilled out for each stone and machined with a mill so that the diamonds fit perfectly. Using a graving tool, a sort of hard needle, the jeweller then cuts a groove around the ring. One by one the stones are then set using a driver by folding or pushing the metal over the widest part of the diamond – the rondist. The work is done under a loupe or microscope because the diamonds in this ring are only 1.3 mm in diameter. The appearance, quality, and durability all depend on the skill of the jeweller. It is a balancing act trying to attach the stones so that they are held as tightly as possible while showing them off and allowing them to reflect light in the best possible way. Consequently, all our rings are carefully checked to ensure that they comply with our standards.

Customized just for you
Once you’ve found your dream ring, we’ll help you get the size and appearance that are right for you. All our wedding rings are available in red and white gold, so you can choose the one that best suits your personal style. Many of our diamond rings, such as our Forget Me Not Star Ring, are available with a larger centre stone for those who want a ring that really stands out.

Highest quality
Our rings are made of 18 carat red or white gold. We buy our diamonds from reputable suppliers in Antwerp, who check the quality and ensure that the diamonds are conflict-free. We distance ourselves from “conflict diamonds”, so when you buy a ring from us, you can rest assured that the diamonds have been carefully and expertly checked.