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Our spring collection not only offers new jewellery but also new thought-provoking messages. Delve into Efva's creative world and discover what has inspired her latest creations. Each piece reflects her thoughts and feelings on everything happening in the turbulent world.

New earrings

The “Hope for Peace earrings” are one of this spring's earrings that, just by their design, clearly tells Efva's thoughts behind the jewellery: “Always relevant, and I live on the hope for peace”. These statement pieces are equally stylish worn in pairs or alone for an asymmetrical look.

One of the season's highlights is the “Lifesavers collection”, inspired by the American candy

of the same name. The earrings, with their soft shapes and simple design, are a timeless addition to everyone's jewellery box.

Two other new additions for your ears are part of the popular “Love knot collection”. This spring, we can match previous pieces with the new sleek earrings or trendy hoops – two timeless must-haves.

Spring necklaces

A newcomer to our necklace collection is the “Life hacks necklace”. This silver piece is adorned with three pendants carrying three different messages. Efva explains: “A silver necklace with an important message I think many of us relate to. To be respected, not to take shit, to have a little devil behind the ear and the desire for love.”.

Looking for something to grab more attention? Take the chain trend to a new level with the “Rock my Chain necklace”.

The chain is composed of three different links, resulting in a lively necklace with multiple dimensions.

Another new arrival is the “Carpe Diem necklace”, shaped like two hands, which according to Efva, “hold onto the fragile life”. A timeless piece with the important reminder to focus on the present and enjoy life today.

Current bracelets

If you are longing for a festive summer, the “It’s My Party Bracelet” is the perfect accessory for all occasions. The bracelet is adorned with hand-painted charms: a shoe, a dress, an eyelash, a cocktail glass, and a pair of red lips – the perfect combo for an eventful night.

The “Soulmate” and “Love knot” collections are both expanded with a silver cuff each. These solid bracelets are the perfect addition to your jewellery box as they can be subtle or expressive – a versatile investment for all styles.

Latest rings

Explore another new piece in the “Rock My Chain” collection. Get inspired by this wider ring that complements the rest of the collection or stands out as a statement piece on its own.

The previous “Love Beads” collection now includes four rings in an entirely new design where the rings embrace the finger with two love seeds in gold or silver. These rings look great worn in pairs on the same finger, for a livelier look.

Season's Surprise

Another category expanding is our brooches and pins – the new “Life hack pin” is an accessory with endless possibilities. A pin breathes new life into your outfits and is the perfect gift for someone who may not be a regular jewellery wearer.

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Seasonal Favourites

Find inspiration from a selection of the hottest pieces of jewellery from Efva Attling right now. Among our seasonal favourites, you will find oldies that are still goodies, as well as newcomers that are ready to steal the spotlight – pieces that remain favourites, regardless of trends.