Efva: “I hope this is over soon.”

Efva is probably not the only one thinking that time is slow right now. Read her thoughts on trying to keep the energy levels up, the desire for warmer weather and her longing for friends and family.
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  2. Time is running slow

Don't you think time is very slow right now?

Normally my job and my busy schedule keep my energy on top, but now I have to struggle to keep the same energy. I really enjoy working at a high pace with a lot of people and buzz around me. That's what keeps us going, humans are better together – we give each other energy.

I long for warmer weather, that it will become summer and that we soon can hug each other and share our thoughts and feelings about this time.

I'm such a positive thinking person, so I hope this is over soon so we might be able to travel a bit and spend time with family and friends.

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