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Get inspired by the hottest party pieces of the season that really gets you in the right party mood – it's cocktail time darling.
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Colour splash with “Dream flash”

Be the centrepiece of the evening with one of our most colourful earrings; the Dream flash earrings really puts you in a party mood. The colourful gemstones attract attention and add a playful twist to the design. Wear only one of the earrings for an asymmetrical statement look, or add both to maximize the colourful fireworks of bling in your ears.

Monochrome bling with “Pyramid & Stars ring”

No cocktail party without a real cocktail ring, right? The combination of the brilliant-cut diamonds and the rock crystal in our Pyramid & Stars ring clearly makes you one of the most elegant guests of the evening. Much thanks to its different design, Efva says: “The cut of the rock crystal fools your eye to see more and more diamonds”. If the illusion of diamonds in infinity doesn’t feel enough – add additional jewellery in silver for a luxurious and monochrome styling.

Far from plain with “Crystal rain”

How many crystals are too many? If you ask us, the sky is the limit. Maximize the evening by putting the emerald-cut rock crystals in our Crystal rain necklace in focus. Did you know that the rock crystal is said to be neutral and strengthens your current state of mind? So, if you were in a cocktail mood before, the energy from the necklace will only enhance the festive atmosphere and contribute to a (hopefully) good evening.

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