New addition to “For a good cause”: “Thoughts of freedom”

Efva Attling designed her first collection for the benefit of the Swedish Red Cross back in 2004, a collaboration that will soon celebrate 20 years. Now Efva is releasing another piece of jewellery in favor of the Swedish Red Cross– “Thoughts of Freedom”.
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  2. New addition to “For a good cause”: “Thoughts of freedom”

Common to all organizations that Efva cooperates with is their work for respect and equal rights. For each piece of jewellery sold “For a good cause”, a part of the proceeds goes to the selected organization.

The new silver piece “Thoughts of Freedom” is a pendant with a peace sign wrapped in bandages like a wreath decorated with a dove carrying an olive branch – a common symbol for peace.

“Since I was a child, I have been amazed and appalled that people cannot get along. War, death and injustice, repeatedly,” Efva says. “My wish is that people will be able to grow up and live in freedom without oppression, it is constantly on my mind.”

“I have friends who lost loved ones”
The first aid organization that Efva started collaborating with was the Swedish Red Cross, a collaboration that has been running since the tsunami disaster in 2004.

Efva was in Bangkok when the wave came and traveled with one of the planes home to Stockholm together with injured and shocked people who came from Kaoh lak.

When Efva returned from Thailand, she asked the Swedish Red Cross if they wanted a collaboration. “I wanted to give something back, so that they could help rebuild the affected countries,” says Efva.

“We are incredibly proud and happy about our important collaboration with Efva Attling. Together, we make a big difference for those affected by global crises and disasters,” comments Håkan Jarlenius, Partner Manager, Swedish Red Cross.

Today, the collection has raised over 10 million SEK for the work of the Red Cross.


Jewellery sold for a good cause

Since 2004, Efva Attling has collaborated with a number of aid organizations. During these troubled times, they are doing an important and fantastic job. Read more about the different organizations and their work during the ongoing corona crisis.